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InfluencerHai is the best influencer marketing agency in India and a platform. We connect brands and social media influencers to tell their epic stories.

We've crafted a database of over 50k Influencers to make it feasible for your brand to be visible across India in the digital space to foster growth and ensure brand success.

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Boost the awareness of your brand with us.

Boost the awareness of your brand with us.

Influencer Hai is a renowned influencer marketing platform in India that integrates businesses with social media influencers to create epic product marketing narratives. Through impressive influencer content and marketing campaigns, our professionals connect businesses with top content producers, social media influencers, artists, and bloggers to reach and engage millions of consumers. Read More


Boost your visibility on social media by generating interesting content to receive fantastic deals, discounts, and of course cash!


Collaborate with well-known and innovative influencers to increase the value of your brand and gain a strong online presence swiftly.

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InfluencerHai is the advertising face of Influencer marketing in India. It is impossible to understand marketing without them. Since InfluencerHai's Influencers have great trust and positive authoritative relationships among followers, consumers can easily be motivated to buy our products. InfluencerHai marketing agency creates a chain of internet creators and consumers that helps scale business.

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Our goal was to "reach more and more consumers", and we were struggling to do that. We've published more than ten ad campaigns with InfluencerHai, and there is a 300% improvement in our sales. Although, we felt obstacles in starting naturally. But, their team kept us in the loop and provides us with all metrics and analytics of our ongoing ad campaign.



InfluencerHai promised us not to be tangled and to take all responsibility for our Influencer marketing ad campaign alone and their team kept us in the loop and delivered all the necessary information and developments, The number of reaches and engagements, and how many new users downloaded our app.



When it comes to Influencer Marketing, InfluencerHai #1 agency in India. If you’re serious about InfluencerMarketing Campaign, you need



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How can brands benefit from Influencer Hai ? - India's Best Influencer Marketing Agency.

As a well-known best influencer marketing agency in India, we are committed to building strategies for social media that distinguish brands from their competitors. We assist brands in identifying influencers who match their specific need & within their range and manage efficient social media campaigns to guarantee that they meet their financial objectives.

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Influencer Selection

Our team will select the right Influencer for your brand!


Team will discuss each and every point before running ad campaign.


Campaign will execute after brief...

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- Trusted by 50+ leading Indian brands

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Top Influencer Marketing Agency (Platform) India

Influencer hai is a leading Influencer Marketing Agency in India. We provide the best Influencer Marketing Platform to boost Brands' leverage with Social Media influencers. Our Influencer Marketing experts unite the top 2 Lakh+ content creators, social media influencers, artists, and bloggers with interested audiences (potential customers) to execute remarkable Influencer Marketing campaigns.

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Our Bespoke Influencer Marketing Services

We belive in the power Influencer marketing.

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Influencer Marketing Roadmap

From choosing the influencer to finalize ad campaign!

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