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CaseStudy: Lapcare’s Keyboard, Mouse, and Neckband Promotion is an influencer marketing agency that connects brands with social media influencers to create effective marketing campaigns. Recently, we collaborated with Lapcare, a leading tech accessories brand, to promote their gaming keyboard, mouse, and neckband. 

Our strategy was to work with three Instagram influencers – Shubham, Shubham(Techifrank), and Arnab Biswas – to create engaging content that would reach their combined audience of over 154,000 followers.

The Brief:

Lapcare wanted to promote its gaming keyboard, mouse, and neckband through an influencer marketing campaign. The objective was to create buzz around the products and increase sales on the brand’s e-commerce website. Lapcare also wanted to highlight the key features of its products and showcase their suitability for gaming enthusiasts.

The Strategy:

We collaborated with three Instagram influencers – Shubham, Shubham(Techifrank), and Arnab Biswas – with a large following in the gaming community. Our strategy was to create content to engage their followers and encourage them to purchase the products at the Lapcare e-commerce website.

We’ve provided influencers with a gaming Keyboard, Mouse, and neckband to use and review in their content. They were asked to create posts highlighting the products’ features and their personal experience while using them. The posts were to include a call-to-action that encouraged their followers to visit the Lapcare website and purchase the products.

The Lapcare Campaign:

Shubham, Shubham(Techifrank), and Arnab Biswas created posts and stories showcasing the Lapcare gaming keyboard, mouse, and neckband. They highlighted the key features of the products, such as the ergonomic design, adjustable DPI, and noise-canceling microphones. They also shared their personal experience using the products while playing their favorite games.


Techifrank and Arnab Biswas created multiple posts on their Instagram accounts promoting Lapcare’s gaming peripherals. They used the products while playing their favorite games and demonstrated the features of each product in their posts. They also included a call-to-action in their posts, encouraging their followers to visit Lapcare’s e-commerce website and purchase.

The content created by the influencers was highly engaging and generated a lot of interest among their followers. The posts received high engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. The influencers also used relevant hashtags and tagged Lapcare’s official Instagram account to increase visibility and reach.


The ad campaign was a huge success, achieving all the objectives set by the brand. The collaboration with Techifrank and Arnab Biswas helped Lapcare to reach a wider audience and generate more interest in their gaming peripherals. The campaign generated over 21,000 impressions, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic and sales.

The engagement rate for the posts created by the influencers was also very high, with an average of 10% for each post. The campaign also helped to improve brand reputation and perception, with many followers commenting on the high quality and features of Lapcare’s gaming peripherals.


The ad campaign for Lapcare with Shubham, Techifrank and Arnab Biswas was a huge success, achieving all the objectives set by the brand.

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