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A leading influencer marketing agency in India

Influencer Hai – A data-driven team of designer & creators transforming relationships between brands, influencers, and their audiences.

Influencer Hai is a leading influencer marketing firm that connects major brands with passionate, socially engaged audiences through social media influencers. Our goal is to establish relationships with new talent and assist brands in telling stories that matter. We firmly believe in a human-first approach to talent identification and high-touch service in addition to our dependable data and technology.

We complement brand marketing strategies with strong campaigns to guarantee high-quality engagement for the brand. Our user-friendly platform makes it simple for brands to create influencer marketing campaigns, collaborate with specific influencers, set marketing budgets, and track progress.

We also connect businesses with content curators across the country to maintain the competitiveness of their brand. We support businesses of all sizes in using social insights to generate more revenue. Our sponsored content campaigns captivate consumers, advance brand engagement and exposure, while increasing product sales.