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Case Study: How We Helped AnnaReddy Attract More Users through Influencer Marketing

Clients Background: AnnaReddy is an online platform that offers betting games like rummy games and more to users in India. The platform has been operating for a few years and has a growing user base. However, the client needed help attracting new users to the platform.

Clients Need: AnnaReddy approached InfluencerHai, a digital marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing, with a problem. The client was looking for a way to reach a large audience of potential users unfamiliar with the platform. Specifically, AnnaReddy was interested in partnering with influencers with a large social media following.

Proposed Solution:

We proposed several influencers who have more than 1 million subscribers on Instagram, including:

  • falaqnaazz, with 1 million subscribers
  • beardguy_007 with 1.1 million subscribers
  • khushigadhvi, with 2.2 million subscribers
  • puneetkochar1313 with 1.7 million subscribers
  • anjali_chauhan.777 with 2 million subscribers
  • hina_bharti06 with 1.3 million subscribers
  • iam_bhanusri, with 1.1 million subscribers

These influencers had a large and engaged audience aligned with AnnaReddy’s target demographic, primarily young adults who enjoyed online gaming.

Implementation: InfluencerHai recommended that AnnaReddy use Reels and Stories on Instagram to promote the platform. The agency also suggested that the influencers create unique content highlighting the platform’s features and benefits, such as its ease of use, a wide range of games, and attractive offers and rewards.

Result: The results of the campaign were impressive. The influencers effectively promoted AnnaReddy’s platform to their large and engaged audiences. As a result, the platform saw a significant increase in new user signups during the campaign. 

The campaign also generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many users expressing their excitement about the platform’s features and sharing their favorable experiences with it.

Engagement: The influencer campaign has yielded promising results. Falaqnaazz’s content has received 58 thousand views and 5000 likes, while Beardguy_007’s content has amassed over 1 million views and 45 thousand likes. Iam_bhanusri’s content has garnered 50 thousand views and 3 thousand likes, while Puneetkochar1313’s content has generated 2,80,000 views and 5 thousand likes. 

These numbers suggest that the selected influencers could successfully engage their respective audiences and drive significant engagement. The results indicate that the campaign succeeded and achieved the desired outcomes.

Testimonials: InfluencerHai used the influencers to create testimonials about their experience using the AnnaReddy platform. These testimonials were shared on social media, further increasing the buzz and generating more interest in the platform.

Conclusion: Overall, the influencer marketing campaign by InfluencerHai was an excellent success for AnnaReddy. The platform was able to reach a large audience of potential users who still needed to become familiar with the venue and generate significant interest and buzz on social media. Popular influencers with large and engaged followings were a critical factor in the campaign’s success.

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