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How InfluencerHai Works?

Influencer marketing involves promoting a brand through recommendations from influencers, including bloggers, celebrities, and public figures.

They are all influencers, people who act as an opinion leader. In social networks, these persons have a large base of subscribers and a certain authority.

Influencers are not always world-famous superstars. By type, strength, and scale of impact, they're Nano, Micro, Macro, and Mega Influencers. The report suggests influential people are more interested in information in the content of posts.


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1. Define Goals

Outline the purpose of the campaign. In the case of influencer marketing, the main challenge is to increase recognition and attract new customers.

2. Setting up a budget strategy

While setting a budget for an influencer marketing ad campaign, consider the time spent planning, publishing, waiting for the result, and further analysis. Then the brand cost will be limited to providing products to an influencer who will gladly advertise brands as his/her own.

3. Discuss brand goal

In the initial stage of determining the goal, at this stage it is worth narrowing your expectation and looking more concentrated and directed, for ex:

- What kind of audience brand is looking for
- Launch products or brand awareness
- Launch a new product or relaunch an existing product or remarket on existing products

4. Analyze a targeted group to derive business

Once brands have defined their audience, and re-assessment of a selected group, who're they, specifically brands' potential customers? How much audience reach the brand is looking for? Brand expectation from us in an ongoing ad campaign?

5. Shortlisting influencers

When compiling a list of influencers' suitable for the brand:

- Trust of audience among influencers
- Engagement percentage - Either subscribers are genuine or bots
- The consonance of the mood, tone, and style of the influencer with brand

Choosing the right influencer for an influencer marketing ad campaign will help us to create a harmonious tandem.

6. Review the campaign

Review and analyze the content:

- What an influencer will publish
- How they'll communicate with subscriber
- Review selected audience
- Number of advertising posts and collaboration with other brands - an excessive amount of advertising reduces the level of engagement and trust

- 1st our research will determine how suitable brands and influencers are for each other.
- 2nd It will give the advantage to the brand that the brand is fully aware of and familiar with influencer activities.

7. Final Touch

Our team will reach out the brand to before running the influencer marketing ad campaign.