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CaseStudy: Being Human Store Promotion Campaign

Objective: The campaign aimed to promote the Being Human Clothing brand and attract customers to their stores on Salman Khan’s birthday. The campaign sought to leverage the popularity of Salman Khan and influencers on social media platforms to create a buzz and increase footfall in the stores.

Being Human Clothing Brand Store Promotion Campaign Strategy

 We selected seven influencers with a significant following on Instagram and relevant content for the brand’s target audience. The influencers must visit the Being Human Clothing store and create a video/reel promoting the brand and its birthday discount offer. We directed influencers to deliver the campaign’s message, “Pata Chala, Nahi Pata Chala? 27th December Ko Bhai Ka Birthday Hai, And Party To Banti Hai!”


All the selected influencers posted their videos/reels on their Instagram channel, which helped to reach a broad audience. The influencers delivered the campaign message effectively and highlighted the brand’s discount offer. The influencers’ engagement rates were impressive, with some influencers receiving over 300k+ views on their content.

During the Being Human Clothing brand store promotion campaign, we selected seven influencers who delivered the campaign message effectively and generated significant engagement rates on their content. Here are the influencers’ names and their engagement rates:

1. Rishav Karmakar – karmakar_rishav – 25k+ views

Rishav Karmakar

2. Dewansh #Singh Rajput – dewansh_official – 130k+ views

Dewansh Singh Rajput

3. Irfan Khan – irfann__khan – 42k+ views

Irfan Khan

4. Parth Majiwala – mr_maji_4.12 – 116k+ views

Parth Majiwala

5. Prashant Rawat – prashantrawat22 – 10k+ views

Prashant Rawat

6. Rahul Sinha – thatvogueman – 127k+ views

Rahul Sinha

7. Anamika – anasunshineofficial – 11k+ views


As the engagement rates show, the selected influencers successfully reached their followers and created a buzz about the brand and its discount offer. The highest engagement rate was achieved by rinkle_gonsalves, who received over 326k+ views on their content. Overall, the influencers’ engagement rates were impressive and helped to increase the campaign’s reach and effectiveness.

Results: The campaign succeeded and achieved its objectives of promoting the Being Human Clothing brand and increasing footfall in stores. The brand’s Instagram handle gained significant followers, and the engagement rate on their posts increased significantly during the campaign period. The campaign generated a buzz on social media, and the brand’s sales increased during the campaign period.


The BeingHuman Clothing store promotion campaign successfully collaborated with our influencer marketing agency and the brand. The campaign helped increase brand awareness and attract customers to the stores on Salman Khan’s birthday. 

The use of influencers on social media platforms proved to be an effective way of reaching a wider audience and generating buzz. The engagement rates of the selected influencers were impressive, and the campaign helped to increase the brand’s social media presence and sales.

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