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Influencer Marketing The Underestimated Potential

Nothing can convince more than real people a better direct communication (Word Of Mouth). Barely one would have thought yesterday’s social media interaction with followers could result in such an (emotional) bond that it can enforce people to trust each other.

Great Potential For Brands

There’s no wonder that brands and individuals quickly realized the possibility of influencing people using influencers as so-called opinion leaders. They’re good advertisers when it comes to convincing people. Beyond the traditional advertising clumsy banners or sponsored search result ads these people are doing things for people directly.

Influencers pass on their knowledge, draw attention to something, evaluate & test, and shape opinions. Based on the confidence phase, there is enormous potential for influencer marketing on the motto (I like it and use it) brought strenuously instead of the classic and often outdated AIDA formula.

People come on their own. People are naturally interested & open-minded, and approaching content influencers presents them with a different, sometimes naive attitude. Simply, because they trust their influencers, there’s already a digital relationship between influencers and their followers. With no advertisement, no banners, and non-advertising-based communication. Influencers influence completely different attention and parameters.

Sure: Mixing content with advertising is problematic – and at the same time, this is the USP of the influencer marketing concept. Initially, followers can’t identify at first glance: is it advertising / and or content? Of course, Influencer marketing is also regulated by law: Appropriate labeling – must be adequately named or labeled.

How to use the potential of Influencer Marketing

It is open and clear, Influencers refer specifically to a product or a brand’s website. In this case, the brand should have the appropriate landing page to receive customer traffic direct from influencer social media accounts. In a competing world users around the world turn out to be more critical and experienced therefore, a landing page should be professional & well-design and should load as fast as possible, or else users will leave the page.

Big brands work so well now you will have to convince the customer a second time because once the customer reaches the landing page, a brand must convert into conversion. A good professional & well-design website will help you a lot in this case.

Keep the check-list on your website

  • Optimized – Load Fast
  • Secure Site & Customer Privacy
  • Visitor Evaluation


Influencer marketing depends on reach and engagements, but that’s not all. In various niches, Influencers should be recognized and accepted in their niche. It should not happen brand runs its food influencer marketing campaign with beauty influencers to achieve more reach and engagement. Every time reach and engagements won’t work. Influencer marketing works in selective groups and niches. It is the reason why it draws your attention from traditional and expensive advertising to influencer marketing. There’s great potential with minimum investment changed advertising definition.

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