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30 Best Influencer Marketing Agency in 2023

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Influencer Marketing Agency

Find the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in 2023 to Manage Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

What is Influencer Marketing Agency?

Influencers, i.e., “influencers,” are public figures who have acquired fame through their content on social media. They’re either bloggers, Youtubers, experts, or celebrities from the entertainment sector.

Influencers influence people (Followers) on social media, where we spend our time daily. In recent years, Youtubers, Instagrammers, and bloggers from various fields (gamingbeautyfashion, lifestyle, food) reached similar commercial celebrity status. Continue reading.

Checklist of Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in India & around the globe!

  • Acceleration Partners
  • apex drop
  • Audiencly
  • August United
  • Carusele
  • Engage Hub
  • FamePick
  • Fanbytes by Brainlabs
  • Go Fish Digital
  • HireInfluence
  • House of Marketers
  • inBeat
  • In Cast Digital Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Influence Hunter
  • Kairos Media
  • LetsTok
  • LTK
  • Lytehouse
  • Moburst
  • MoreInfluence
  • Motherhood
  • NeoReach
  • Obviously
  • Post For Rent
  • Shane Barker
  • Stargazer
  • Sway Group

#1 InfluencerHai is the best influencer marketing agency in India and a platform.

InfluencerHai is the best influencer marketing agency in India and a platform

InfluencerHai, based in Delhi NCR and Mumbai creates targeted campaigns for Indian brands in various content segments like VloggersGamingTechFashionBeautyFitnessHealthTravelFoodieMotivational, and Educational Influencers.

#2 Acceleration Partners

acceleration partners is the best influencer marketing agency in India

Acceleration Partners focuses on assisting brands in scaling and identifying creative solutions to improve their performance. As industriousness in influencer marketing, AP provides complete and strategic influencer marketing program management for ROI-based marketing campaigns that can expand and integrate fully into your partnership marketing program. Acceleration Partners’ proprietary APVision technology, which is exclusive to AP, also simplifies the growth and scaling of your influencer marketing program.

#3 Apex Drop – Influencer Marketing Agency in the USA

Apex Drop – Influencer Marketing Agency in the USA

Apex Drop offers to scale up your business with micro-influencers in the United States and saves time and money. The majority of agencies will pay influencers to promote your products. ApexDrop carefully selects influencers who are genuinely interested in your product. ApexDrop focus on consumer product brands in the beauty, personal care, food and beverage, home goods, health and wellness, and fashion industries.

#4 Audiencly

Audiencly – Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing entails far more than sponsoring amusing videos or glamorous Instagram posts. With Audiencly, the right influencer marketing strategy allows businesses to directly reach and retain their target audiences. ROI optimization with data-driven insights for complete brand awareness on every Audiencly campaign.

#5 August United

August United  Influencer Marketing Agency

August United offers complete influencer marketing services, from influencer planning to activations and ongoing influencer management.

#6 Carusele: Top Influencer Marketing Agency

Carusele: Top Influencer Marketing Agency

Carusele is indeed an award-winning influencer marketing agency that consistently optimizes the effectiveness of its customers’ campaigns using real-time data. Our innovative method goes beyond typical influencer marketing to give measurable economic outcomes, such as assured amounts of site traffic.

#7 Engage Hub

Engage Hub Top Influencer Marketing Agency

EngageHub is a bold social media agency transforming how brands communicate with their customers with intelligent and creative campaigns to produce results. An Influencer Marketing Agency which promotes your product and impacts Genz.

#8 FamePick Marketing Agency

FamePick Influencer Marketing Agency

FamePick combines industry-leading mobile technologies to provide next-level influencer and celebrity procurement services. With over ten years of industry expertise, we can help companies of all sizes locate and acquire talent more quickly than ever.

#9 Fanbytes Global Influencer Agency

Fanbytes Global Influencer Agency

London Based Fanbytes by Brainlabs‘ is an award-winning Influencer marketing agency that facilitates brands in capturing the hearts of Gen Z on social media. Forbes, Business Insider, Digiday, Ad Week, and Bloomberg have all praised Brainlabs’ Fanbytes for “driving the charge for Gen Z and Millennial marketing.”

#10 Go Fish Digital: Digital Marketing Agency

Go Fish Digital Digital Marketing Agency

Go Fish Digital, an award-winning agency, executes strategic influencer marketing ads campaigns for relationship management.

#11 HireInfluence: Top Influencer Marketing Agency For Brands

HireInfluence Top Influencer Marketing Agency For Brands

HireInfluence was established in 2011 and quickly became the grab influencer agency for the world’s most well-known brands. They are renowned for award-winning outcomes that set high industry standards by utilizing a white-glove strategy, unique strategic objectives, and unparalleled talent collection mechanisms. The company stands out among full-service providers, from campaign thought patterns and creative concepts to hands-on influencer sourcing/casting/management.

#12 House of Marketers

House of Marketers Influencer Marketing Agency For Brands

House of Marketers is the number one TikTok-focused agency for Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, Content Creation, and Growing TikTok Business Profiles. The company specializes in assisting Mobile Apps and Brands can scale and improve their ROI on TikTok quickly, the most valuable platform.

#13 HypeFactory: Global Influencer Marketing Agency

HypeFactory Global Influencer Marketing Agency

HYPEFACTORY: An Influencer Marketing agency that develops full-scale advertising campaigns based on data analysis derived from Artificial Intelligence and excellent marketing expertise.

# 14 inBeat Influencer Database

inBeat Influencer Marketing Agency Database

inBeat Agency uses micro-influencer collaborations to create winning social media tactics that reduce customer acquisition costs and scale ad budgets. inBeat provides a managed service to assist you in working with creators with low CPAs history.

#15 In-Cast Digital Influencer Marketing Agency

In-Cast Digital Influencer Marketing Agency

inCast collaborates with brands to develop successful influencer marketing programs. In-Cast Digital Influencer Marketing Agency creates a strategy tailored to your company’s budget and KPIs to promote brand awareness, engagement, & conversions and optimize ROI.

#16 Influence Hunter – Top Influencer Marketing Agency | Custom Influencer Marketing For Exponential Reach

Influence Hunter - Top Influencer Marketing Agency | Custom Influencer Marketing For Exponential Reach

Influence Hunter develops top-tier influencer marketing programs for businesses of every size. Their team uses a data-driven approach to create tailored campaigns that align with their clients’ growth plan objectives. IH is working with Micro and Nano influencers at a high level, optimizing the influencer ad-campaign budget on a CPM basis and whitelisting influencer accounts to maximize ad ROI.

#17 Kairos Media

Kairos Media Influencer Marketing Agency

Kairos Media, one of the early influencer marketing agencies, is currently one of the UK’s largest social-first creative agencies. And they’ve won awards to prove it.

#18 Leaders Top Influencer Marketing Agency, Influencer Management

Leaders Top Influencer Marketing Agency, Influencer Management

LEADER the next generation of advertising converts likes into sales. LEADERS is the world’s largest influencer marketing organization. They have over 13 years of expertise with companies and e-Commerce, such as Samsung, Estée Lauder, LVMH, and Nespresso, in achieving a positive ROI and becoming a LEADER in their sector.

#19 Letstok™ | influencer marketing | Adfluencer™

Letstok™ | influencer marketing | Adfluencer™

LetsTok allows you to save time and run more effective campaigns. We think that the proof is in the outcomes. Thus we only charge you a percentage of the campaign when it runs, with no administrative fees. We can help you locate the appropriate influencers at the right price using our network of thousands of influencers so that you can focus on the results.

#20 LTK | Fashion, Home, Beauty, Fitness, and More

LTK | Fashion, Home, Beauty, Fitness, and More

LTK is the world’s most successful influencer network, driving billions of dollars in brand purchases through the world’s most curated creator network. A creator formed LTK to provide other creators with a significant technological advantage to become a brand’s power ambassador.

With end-to-end creator campaign management and the only influencer-based shopping app with millions of shoppers, our full-service influencer marketing platform grows influence. It increases sales, and positive sentiment for over 5,000 brands of all sizes, from Fortune 10 to small DTCs.

# 21 Lytehouse

Lytehouse Influencer Marketing Agency

To meet and exceed business objectives, Lytehouse works with brands at every stage of the influencer marketing campaign, from guiding strategy and creativity to casting star quality and overseeing campaign direction. Lytehouse is a perfect choice for a full-service influencer marketing agency with over ten years of experience.

#22 Moburst Digital Marketing Agency That Delivers in 2022 

Moburst Digital Marketing Agency That Delivers in 2022 

Utilize the strength of influencers to meet the company’s growth objectives with Moburst, a top worldwide performance influencer advertising agency that helps businesses exceed expectations and take the lead in their respective categories.

#23 MoreInfluence: Best Influencer Marketing Agency

MoreInfluence Best Influencer Marketing Agency

Our goal at MoreInfluence is to support businesses in increasing market influence, customer acquisition, and sales. Our strategy works on the experience that companies will encounter an ROI that exceeds client expectations when the science of data analytics and the art of influencer marketing are combined.

The MoreInfluence team offers white-glove influencer marketing services that build brand confidence and trust, thanks to our strong reputation and 35 years of combined marketing and advertising experience.

#24 The Motherhood: Social Media Influencer Marketing Agency

The Motherhood: Social Media Influencer Marketing Agency

A full-service influencer marketing company with a track record of generating strategic campaigns far outperforming industry benchmarks, The Motherhood staff is a group of former PR agency professionals.

Through content development, compliance, and reporting, every campaign provides the best in hands-on influencer research, identification, and authentication. We take on the most challenging and tedious duties, providing our clients with an addition to their team that oversees every little thing.

#25 NeoReach: Influencer Marketing for Global Brands

NeoReach: Influencer Marketing for Global Brands

NeoReach develops top-notch, innovative influencer campaigns for brands and 500 Fortunes worldwide. NeoReach began in 2013; they’ve spent over $250 million in influencer marketing. Their team is behind some of the most effective influencer campaigns and developing activation and measurement strategies that have become as best practices in the sector.

#26 The Leading Influencer Marketing Agency‎ | OBVIOUSLY

The Leading Influencer Marketing Agency‎ | OBVIOUSLY

OBVIOUSLY is indeed the best influencer marketing agency for Fortune 500 companies. No matter the complexity or size of a campaign, we are experts in offering cutting-edge strategy and top-notch service. Our strengths are strategy, talent management, creative production services, business insights, research, and support for hands-on learning.

#27 Post For Rent Digital Agency

Post For Rent Digital Agency

A technologically supported solution called Post For Rent adds value for all participants in influencer marketing. Besides carefully planning, executing, and reporting on campaigns, Post For Rent’s seasoned influencer marketing specialists recognizes your marketing goals.

The company manages campaigns from strategy to execution, content creation, reporting, administration, and more, working with some of the biggest (and small and medium) brands globally across various industries.

#28 Shane Barker: Trusted Influencer Marketing Services

Shane Barker Trusted Influencer Marketing Services

Shane Barker Consulting helps you create and bring REAL ROI for your influencer marketing campaigns using our unique software and procedures.

#29 Stargazer – The Influencer Marketing Agency and platform

Stargazer The Influencer Marketing Agency and platform

The only performance agency that interconnects brands and creators is Stargazer. We provide full-service campaign management and use our unique technology to identify your market segment, find the ideal creator for your project, and improve campaign performance. More than 5 million creators on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok are accessible using Stargazer.

#30 Influencer Marketing Agency + Digital Advertising Agency – Sway Group

Influencer Marketing Agency + Digital Advertising Agency Sway Group

The influencer strategy and ROI that Sway Group offers your brand needs. Our network of more than 30K influencers, many of whom live in the US and Canada, consistently creates top-notch branded content with higher engagement rates. We provide hand-selected talent with assured social engagement.

Conclusion – Influencer Marketing Future

In the upcoming years, influencers’ impact on advertising will grow. Many markets throughout the planet have yet to embrace influencer marketing. Jump on the bandwagon and incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy if you don’t want to miss the boat.

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