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Create Instagram Posts To Become A Successful Influencer

Instagram is a popular social media platform in India. The central feature is Instagram posts. Here are the ten tips for creating an Instagram post to become a successful influencer.

  • Choose high-quality media
  • Develop your style
  • Use creator studio
  • Develop a sustainable strategy
  • Focus on topics with real added value
  • Draw up an editorial plan
  • Ask your followers to interact
  • Promote your post
  • Use hashtags
  • Use Instagram Insights

What is a post on Instagram?

A post can be designed as a photo, graphic, or video and provided with a text description (English caption). Carousel posts can combine multiple images, pictures, or videos. Content uploaded to Instagram and intended to remain permanently is called an Instagram post or Instagram post.

Look How To Create an Instagram Post

Instagram is available for smartphones, but you can use Instagram via desktop.

  • 1. In the app, tap the + icon in the top right corner of the Home or profile page.
  • Select an image/video from your gallery. You can also add multiple media files and create a carousel. Alternatively, you can take a new photo or video by tapping the camera icon.
  • 2. Next step, you can add design to your media by applying filters or using the various image editing tools:
  • 3. In the last step, add the caption to your post. You can also link (“tag”) other Instagram users, add a location, and set whether Instagram Post should also upload the post on linked channels on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • 4. Click on the blue checkmark in the upper right corner to publish the article.

How many characters for an Instagram post?

The caption of an Instagram post offers space for a maximum of 2200 characters.

Instagram Post Size: The Right Format

Users should post only images in a square format in the Instagram feed. Although in addition to the 1:1 format (1080 x 1080 pixels), image posts are also possible in portrait format (1080 x 1350 pixels) and landscape format (1080 x 608 pixels). The exact sizes apply to video posts and the Instagram Story format.

Tips for successful Instagram posts

An Instagram post is successful if it meets the evaluation criteria of the algorithm to a high degree and consequently appears to many users. The decisive factor increases engagement rate.

This rate describes the number and quality of user interactions with a post concerning Influencer Marketing. The higher the engagement rate, the more popular and reach-reaching your Instagram post will be.

However, a contribution with a high reach is not necessarily a successful post in the entrepreneurial sense. The decisive factor is whether the post reaches your target group and contributes to your business goals. Ten tips will become a successful influencer:

1. Choose high-quality media

Instagram is a visual platform; most users expect beautiful photos and videos. Therefore, pay special attention to their quality. Good equipment, appropriate training, or professional service providers help with this. You can also occasionally use high-quality stock photos in your Instagram carousel.

In addition to photos and videos, appealing graphics and animations are also popular on Instagram. Designed text panels with exciting statements also attract a great deal of attention.

2. Develop your style

Your posts are the flagship of your profile page on Instagram. As soon as users click on your profile, they see these posts first – and often decide to follow your profile or ignore it. Even though Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels are becoming increasingly popular, the post feed is still crucial.

You should design your Instagram post as it suits you – in your style and a consistent aesthetic. The language style in your captions must also suit you and your target group.

Please note that Instagram, like most social networks, is often used on the side and is not the main activity of users. Your contributions should be snackable, i.e., easy to understand and quickly consumable.

3. Use creator studio

If you prefer to create posts on your computer, use the Meta Creator Studio. In contrast to the app, you can also set when a post should be published.

4. Develop a sustainable strategy

Define which goals you want to achieve with your presence on Instagram. Derive these goals from your business goals and formulate core messages for your Instagram channel. Stick with your target group(s). If you implement this strategy, your site will gain a consistent profile that your target audience will happily follow.

5. Focus on topics with real added value

Think carefully about which specific topics best contribute to your strategic core messages. If you’re looking to attract new customers with your Instagram page, it is advisable to present the benefits and advantages of your products and services. Job advertisements or press releases about new research results do not contribute to achieving the goal.

When choosing content, make sure that all your contributions offer users added value by being informative or inspiring, exciting, funny, or profitable for your users.

You can also get creative from time to time! Look for occasions that grab the attention of your target audience, even if they are not directly related to your goals. This is how you bring variety to the feed without neglecting your target group.

6. Draw up an editorial plan

With the publishing schedule, you can efficiently organize your posts and keep track of your topics. Be sure to post regularly, but not too often – the quality and relevance of the posts are more important than the pure quantity!

7. Ask your followers to interact.

To increase the engagement rate of a post, ask your followers in the text or in the media used to respond – be it directly (“Leave a heart there”) or indirectly by asking a question, integrating a CTA, and asking for comments.

Also, respond to comments. This, in turn, promotes further interactions with your users.

8. Promote your post

Posting alone is often not enough. The Instagram algorithm selects more and more strictly which posts are displayed to other users to offer only the most interesting and relevant content possible.

Therefore, draw attention to your contribution yourself. Promote Put it in your story, tag other users, or run paid ads.

9. Use hashtags

Hashtags allow you to categorize your Instagram post. All posts with this hashtag are displayed if a user clicks on the hashtag. With hashtags, you can also reach users who do not follow you.

To insert a hashtag, simply write a suitable category keyword in the caption, preceded by a diamond (for example, #instagrampost). You can use up to 30 hashtags. But beware, here too: quality over quantity!

10. Use Instagram Insights

Since the Instagram algorithm evaluates the interactions in the first half hour after publishing a post, you should put your posts online when your target group is on Instagram. To do this, analyze the posts from the past; In Insights, you can see when your followers are most active and when is the best time for your Instagram post.

If you’re new to Instagram and still know little about your target audience, you can look for general tips on the best posting times.

Conclusion For successful Instagram posts!

Optimize your Instagram posts so that your users enjoy interacting with them and eventually you’ll be a successful influencer. The algorithm rewards this and ensures the high reach of your content. However, a high reach alone does not bring success in the sense of your corporate goals – this requires a well-thought-out and consistently implemented strategy for your Instagram marketing.

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