What are Micro-Influencer and Why Do Brands Need Them?

The More Credible: Traditional advertising or a recommendation from a good friend (Influencer). The latter usually pulls better because friends always have a trust advantage. Influencer marketing takes this line. But how exactly does that work? And what role the micro-influencers play?

Advertising the collaboration with professional YouTubers and Instagram stars has been a part of influencer marketing for many companies/brands.

So far, Instagram and Youtube have been the most important platforms for companies.

What are Micro-Influencer and Why Do Brands Need Them?

The term micro-influencers in general is an influencer reach on social media with a reach of between approx. 10000 and 100,000 followers. For influencers, almost every one of their followers is a friend. The high level of authenticity and credibility they bring gives you the same benefits as a friendly recommendation. In many cases, they are experts in a certain field or have a passion for a certain topic.

Credibility Of Influencers

The credibility of influencers is increasingly viewed as appeasing. Social media stars with hundreds of thousands of followers who swear by a wide variety of products every week are becoming more and more convincing. In addition, the industry gets positive intent from followers.

What makes micro-influencers differ from macro-influencers?

Apart from the higher reach that the big stars influencers achieve, there are factors where the advantages of micro-influencers are more clear:

  • Engagement Rate
  • Authenticity

Engagement Rate

The biggest difference is in the engagement rate (likes and comments). This key figure from social media influencers describes the intensity of the discussion or the interaction of followers with the influencers.

Admittedly engagement decreases as the number of followers increases. As a result, micro-influencers usually have a higher engagement rate. While strong influencers have around 1% interaction with their followers according to studies, engagement rates from micro-influencers are around two or three times as high.

However, there are big differences depending on the channel:

For companies, this presents a more precise approach to target desired groups. Because with an increasing number of followers, the wastage also increases, since many fans have different interests.


It is often difficult for companies to address consumers authentically. Now micro-influencer matches the product in terms of content. An influencer appears more genuine to his followers because he can respond to their comments and questions and enter into a substantive dialogue about the product with them. But to reach the target group, the careful selection of suitable micro-influencers is essential.

5 steps for successful micro-influencer marketing with InfluencerHai.com

  • We’ve manually crafted a database of all Indian micro-influencers.
  • First, we’ll sort a micro-influencer relevant to your product.
  • We’ll create a micro-influencer shortlist with the influencers who fit your product.
  • Then we’ll connect with the selected micro-influencers directly.
  • And We’ll design your micro-influencer campaign together with the influencer.

Benefits of collaborating with InfluencerHai.com

Micro-influencer marketing opens up great possibilities for the brand. Micro-influencers are cheaper than the big social media stars with a reach of millions, but still, often achieve a higher engagement rate. You can therefore start a very successful campaign with a small budget with us. The strategy is to engage the right micro-influencers in our specialized agency and a team of professionals will help to maximize the reach of brands.