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Know How Influencers Increase Sales Of Your Beauty Products

Social media influences consumer behavior like no other medium. Social media influences people in a way that no other medium does, Beauty Impact Report 2022 suggests. It also applies to the consumption of beauty products primarily through influencers.

The Beauty Impact Report 2022 found that 34 percent of respondents feel motivated by influencers to buy high-quality products. Only 13 percent of the participants think this motivation comes from newspapers. A quarter gives in to this motivation, even if they can’t afford it. Twenty-five percent said they had bought a product because it was motivated by influencers, even though it exceeded their financial capabilities.

And this is even though not even half of the women surveyed consider influencers’ content authentic and only 24 percent believe that the content shown by influencers reflects reality. Credibility does not necessarily seem to be a sales criterion. Subsequently, 29 percent regret buying products they have acquired through social media.

Because the scope for consumption that women in Germany have is narrow, according to a market media study by the Society for Integrated Communication Research, women have around 335 euros available per year. According to the Beauty Impact Report 2022, women are already spending significantly less on beauty products than the previous year. While the value in 2021 was still an average of 56.36 euros per month, it is only 37.53 euros this year. It corresponds to a decrease in monthly beauty expenses of 33 percent compared to the previous year.

According to the Beauty Impact Report, the beauty-oriented type spends the most money on beauty products. Although she consumes fewer beauty products due to inflation, she still has the highest value among the classes at around 48 euros. On the other hand, the happy guy has not reduced her beauty consumption at all. However, it also has a higher household income.

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