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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agency In Mumbai

InfluencerHai is one of the best Influencer Marketing agencies in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. We are Well-Known for social media marketing, online reputation management services, and Instagram promotion services.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agency In Mumbai


Promote your Brand with an Influencer. InfluencerHai is the best influencer marketing agency in India and a platform. They connect brands and social media influencers for high-quality ad campaigns.

They’ve got a database of over 50k Influencers to make it feasible for your brand to be visible across India in the digital space to foster growth and ensure brand success.

  1. One Impression
  • Best influencer marketing agency in Mumbai, India
  • One Impression features more than 20,000 influencers that can persuade audiences to buy your goods and services.
  • One Impression allows brands to interact with celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, content creators, and more. With over 2,00000 listed influencers, we are India’s fastest-growing influencer marketing platform.

2. Confluencr

The top influencer marketing company in India is called Confluencr. Confluencr is trusted by 400+ recognized brands for its innovative strategies, meticulous influencer cultivation, and optimized reports and analytics.

Confluencr assists you in reaching the correct audience through the appropriate influencers while considering your company’s particular needs. Promote successful, deserving partnerships for your companies that help with lead creation and long-term, sustainable brand recognition.

Use content-driven, goal-oriented influencer marketing programs to get the most out of your marketing expenditure.

3. Lets Influence

  • Use Influencer Marketing Programs to Promote Your Brand – Best Influencer Marketing Platform India.
  • Influencer marketing in India helps you connect with the ideal audience for your brand. Access data-driven insights and generate significant returns.
  • Lets Influence creates influencer marketing campaigns tailored to your needs that maximize return on investment. With the free Analytics plugin, you can monitor ROI in real time!

4. Third Eye Blind Productions – Best Influencer Marketing Platform Mumbai

  • The two main Qs of marketing, Quality & Quantity, are mastered by Third Eye Blind. With the first initiative in production houses and filmmaking, we gave our aspirations a direction in 2016 by combining our creative energies. 
  • We concluded that content is king for any brand to stand out by doing things one step at a time. And so, with the sole exception of creativity, our bounds were expanded to include influencer marketing and talent management in more than 16 nations.

5. Chtrbox | Best Influencer Marketing Company in Mumbai

  • Chtrbox automates, intelligently scales, and minimizes the cost of influencer marketing in India.
  • Thanks to our innovative technology, we can categorize and identify the appropriate influencers based on their reach, relevance, and resonance. With intelligent analytics and this rich data, we can make the influencer loop measurable and provide the optimum ROI.

6. A&B – Influencer Marketing

A&B is a digital agency with offices in Mumbai and London that caters to luxury and premium businesses. We prioritize growth by using digital strategy, including CRO, Search, Social, Influencers, and PPC tools. Hardcore data scientists and advertising maniacs make up our crew.

7. Clickworkzz

MUMBAI’S NO. 1 BEST INFLUENCER MARKETING AGENCY. Hire our acclaimed influencer marketing specialists to provide organic outcomes for your company.

8. Social Faim

Reach your target audience using a data-driven influencer marketing platform. Determine genuine and affordable influencers based on the key performance indicators for the brand. 

We allow the brands to evaluate influencer performance across various social media platforms. For your influencer marketing campaign, we continuously improve ROI.

9. Mediallianz

Being a top influencer marketing agency in Mumbai, we take great pride in having contacts with all the best talent from various sectors and verticals.

10. All Stars Digital


Social media influencers have developed a reputation for their skill, charisma, and understanding of a specific subject. They frequently write about their many partnerships on social media, where they are active users. Influencer marketing has emerged as the most efficient way to connect with clients thanks to the growing use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

If you are not using influencer marketing for your brand, you are making a felony. It can be not easy to find the ideal influencers who fit your brand’s identity and the niche that best complements it. Therefore, you must work with an influencer marketing agency to assist you in this process.

Choose the best influencer marketing company in Mumbai that connects brands with local influencers and content creators. is a well-known influencer marketing agency in Mumbai, India. We effectively work with brands to raise their brand awareness and engagement to enhance their prestige.

Before we get too far, Let’s Understand what influencer marketing is.

Although “Influencer Marketing” is relatively new, companies have long utilized this tactic. Customer and brand engagement is essential for expanding your business and elevating it to a new level of success. Influencer marketing is an effective strategy that has been proven to raise brand awareness and drive sales.

Most audiences trust Influencers and are influenced by the material they post on social media. Before purchasing any service or goods, people consider influencer recommendations. A brand can engage users more effectively with the help of an influencer collaboration. As a result, a Mumbai-based influencer marketing agency is assisting brands in utilizing this chance to achieve their corporate objectives.

A better alternative to many internet marketing strategy experts who endorse the usage of “growth hacks” is to hire an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai. Our methods guarantee you will achieve excellent results. Our approaches are successful since influencer marketing is unique, and the growth strategies work. And to collaborate with, the best influencer marketing agency for you. Please allow us to call you.

Why Choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai?

  • Identify the Local Influencer(Demographic Based)
  • Engage More Benefits More

#1 Identify the Local Influencer

Then, how does this work? How can Mumbai influencer marketing agencies assist you in reaching those audiences? Usually, the solution is relatively straightforward. You start by deciding which influencer you wish to collaborate with.

Someone who belongs to a similar demographic as you have a lot of interaction and trust and has a sizable following of subscribers, watchers, readers, and followers.

#2 Engage More Benefits More

The critical factor in this situation is engagement. How many responses do they receive when they send a Tweet? If 95% of their subscribers read their content, it’s preferable to choose an influencer with 1,000 subscribers than one with 10,000 subscribers who barely engages with their audience. This person will likely be more convincing in addition to effectively reaching more people.

What Makes Us To Be Your Influencer Marketing Agency In Mumbai of Choice?

What makes us one of Mumbai’s best influencer marketing agencies? have managed influencer marketing campaigns for years. We’ve fostered connections with some of the most well-known and prosperous figures on the web, and we know how to communicate and collaborate.

Besides that, we are committed to our clients and obligated to assist them in finding the ideal match. If you want to collaborate with the biggest up-and-coming names and connect with real, interested people worldwide, use’s influencer marketing services include extensive research for brands conducted by a team of qualified professionals before integrating influencers into the picture. To ensure the effectiveness of your influencer campaign, we filter out influencers based on their reach in the following stage., the top influencer marketing agency & company in Mumbai, India, will extract the most original content from the influencers and give service with the highest sincerity and dedication.

Our Branches

InfluencerHai has many Influencer marketing agencies across India, Including:

Conclusion – Influencer Marketing Future

In the upcoming years, influencers’ impact on advertising will grow. Many markets throughout the planet have yet to embrace influencer marketing. Jump on the bandwagon and incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy if you don’t want to miss the boat.

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