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Top 10 India’s Most Followed Beauty Influencers

Who are Beauty Influencers?

Beauty influencers are those who keep plenty of social media presence. They have the power to hold a strong influence among their followers to purchase their suggestive products and services. Beauty Influencers can engage and maintain their audience’s level of interest. And, help brands to promote their products through tips, tutorial product reviews, vlogs, videos, and other social media content.

They can convey a selective audience for a brand to buy their products. Beauty influencers also regularly use social media to connect with their audiences, answer questions, etc to create a sense of engagement.

Women always like beauty products. That’s why beauty brands focus on marketing and promoting their products and services with social media influencers such as Instagram, YouTube, and short videos evolving popular among today’s internet users. It is thus perfectly commercially viable for brands. In targeting its audience by engaging and connecting with top beauty influencers, Instagram is the leader in social media influencer marketing. The top beauty influencers on Instagram are reaching out to top premium makeup brands to give them a sense of presence in their underserved target market.

Beauty influencers in the Indian context are increasingly in demand right now – for audiences and brands that want to partner with them. Why is that? This is because most of these influencers are ordinary citizens with a reliable and trustworthy front line. So when they promote niche products and their followers listen to them and are motivated to continue buying.

The era of social media influencers created our life more comfortable whether it is makeup DIYs or beauty hacks everything is under our fingertips, and social media influencers have contributed to this so broadly. Social media influencers make our life a little more effortless. Influencers gave birth to a new world of beauty and makeup. These people are not just famous but also a source of inspiration for youth.

Here are the top 10 India’s most followed beauty influencers

1. Malvika Sitlani (@malvikasitlaniofficial)

How do we talk about anything beauty-related and not mention this model-turned-influencer? If you’re looking for a magnific influencer for your brand promotion, then Malvika is the right choice for your brand. Malvika’s followers love her thorough YouTube videos and attention to detail when creating content.

2. Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26)

Shreya is a true beauty influencer with growing numbers of followers every day – and it is easy to understand why Shreya explains the product in great detail in its reviews, and tutorials and she’s also fond of expensive brands. She’s your good pick if you are looking for your luxury brand’s promotion.

3. Debasree Banerjee (@debasreee)

We love Devshree’s approach to beauty, especially her gorgeous eye makeup tutorial. If you’re looking for Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascaras, Kajals, and Kohl products buildup then she’s the answer.

4. Shrishti S Bhatia (@stylefashionetc)

Shruti is a Delhi-based influencer who posts every day on Instagram about her makeup, beauty hacks, and more. Besides, providing helpful beauty tips and hack, she also shares a glimpse of new ongoing products. If you are looking for beauty influencers to launch a competitive product then she should be your first choice.

5. Aanam C (@aanamc)

Anam is a blogger and content creator famous for her style. We appreciate that she shares samples of all the products she receives. She’s the right choice for your latest product promotion.

6. Ankita Chaturvedi (@corallistablog)

Ankita helps followers find the current and trendy beauty products available in the market. You’ll definitely want her to promote your new products.

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