Case Study: Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur Influencer Marketing Ad Campaign

Intro Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur

Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur Influencer Marketing Ad Campaign
Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur Influencer Marketing Ad Campaign

Welcome to Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur Provides All Facilities for Students. The Macro Vision Academy in Burhanpur was founded to foster brain development via exposure to cooperative work, learning to demonstrate initiative, and learning to thrive in supportive environments.

Case Study:- Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur Influencer Marketing Ad Campaign

The goal of the client:

Macro Vision Academy’s goal was to target all the students from class 1st to class 12th to motivate the children to take new admission in their school. 

So we, i.e., influencerHai, assigned ten top-class kids Indian educational influencers, out of which the client selected GetsetflySCIENCE for their promotion. Our team got the client lined up with Youtuber and the campaign.


The client provided us with raw pre-recorded video and asked to voice over by YouTuber to promote their school in an integrated video verbally

Reaches and Engagements

The video received 688,865 views as of Dec 23, 2022, thousands of comments, and over 100 thousand website visitors.

Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur

Address: 1 Macro Vision Academy Post Box No.12, Renuka Mata Road, Behind Collectorate, Burhanpur(M.P.) Pin-450331

Macro Vision Academy

Welcome to Macro Vision Academy, the best institute for learning and imparting quality education. We offer the best facilities to our students so that they can enjoy their time in the academy. 

We aim to provide you with an academic education and help you grow and succeed.

Our team of professionals will be at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, throughout the academic session so that no matter what happens during this period or after it ends, we are there for them whenever they need us!

Facilities for Students.

We provide all facilities for students. We have a good infrastructure with well-trained faculties and a good study environment. Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced in teaching students different subjects. 

They provide the best coaching for competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, XAT, etc., and entrance exams like JEE Mains & Advanced to get admission to MBA Colleges or B-Schools of your choice.


Academy Provides All Facilities for Students. Our school is a perfect blend of modern education and traditional values. The students are taught the arts, ethics, social etiquette, and other skills they need to grow.

A0 private academy offers the highest-quality education at a low cost. Our intensive programs enable students to excel in their chosen field of study while keeping costs low enough to be accessible for all families.