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CaseStudy: Manasik Perfume Promotion is an influencer marketing agency that connects brands with the right influencers to promote their products and services. Recently, we ran an ad campaign for the Manasik Perfume with the famous Instagram influencer Rinkle Gonsalves

We’ll highlight the campaign’s objectives, strategies, and results.

Campaign Objectives:

The Manasik Perfume brand wanted to increase its awareness and sales by reaching a wider audience through influencer marketing. They specifically wanted to target young women interested in traditional clothing and jewelry.

The brand’s requirements were for the influencer to showcase the perfume while walking around in a traditional outfit and jewelry in an outdoor location.

Campaign Strategy:

We identified Rinkle Gonsalves as the ideal influencer to achieve the campaign objectives. Rinkle is a famous Instagram influencer with a significant following of young women interested in traditional clothing and jewelry.

We then worked with Rinkle to develop a content strategy to resonate with her followers and showcase the Manasik Perfume brand in the best possible light. Rinkle shot the ad campaign in an outdoor location wearing a beautiful traditional outfit and jewelry per the brand’s requirements, highlighted the perfume’s unique scent, and shared her experience using it.

The content was visually appealing, and Rinkle’s engaging personality helped connect her followers and drive interest in the product.



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The ad campaign was a huge success, with over 326,000 views and 10,000 likes on Instagram. The influencer’s followers showed a high level of engagement with the content, with many comments and questions about the perfume and where to buy it.

The brand’s website saw a significant increase in traffic during the campaign period, with a 15% increase in sales of Manasik Perfume.

Conclusion: was able to help the Manasik Perfume brand achieve its objectives through our influencer marketing campaign with Rinkle Gonsalves. By leveraging the influencer’s large following and authentic voice, we were able to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and increase sales. We look forward to creating more successful campaigns like this for our clients; feel free to contact us!

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