CurioCottage, a jewelry brand founded in 1971, wanted to launch an influencer marketing ad campaign to create buzz and engagement around its brand and values. 

Objective: The campaign aimed to showcase the brand’s unique jewelry designs and highlight how each design is grounded in tradition while being distinctive.

Campaign Execution: To execute this campaign, CurioCottage collaborated with influencers from the fashion and lifestyle niches who had experience pairing outfits with jewelry.

Influencers: InfluencerHai chose influencers based on their audience demographics, reach, engagement rate, and alignment with the brand’s values. The campaign mainly focused on Instagram reels, a popular feature among the target audience.

We’ve provided influencers with CurioCottage’s jewelry pieces to pair with their outfits and showcase the brand’s unique designs. The influencers were asked to create reels displaying the jewelry and its unique features. 

Influencers also highlighted how the jewelry pieces complemented their outfits and enhanced their overall look. The influencers were asked to use the hashtag. #CurioCottageUniqueJewels and tag CurioCottage in their posts to increase brand visibility and drive engagement. CurioCottage also shared the reels on their official Instagram handle to increase reach and engagement.

Results: The #CurioCottageUniqueJewels campaign was a huge success, with a significant increase in brand visibility and engagement. The campaign reached over 2 million people and generated over 10,000 likes and comments on Instagram. The influencers’ reels received high engagement rates, with some reels reaching over 50,000 views.

The campaign helped CurioCottage increase brand awareness among the target audience, drive traffic to its website, and generate sales. The influencer marketing ad campaign was a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and reach a highly engaged audience.

The #CurioCottageUniqueJewels campaign was a great example of a successful influencer marketing ad campaign. The campaign’s main focus was on showcasing the brand’s jewelry pieces’ unique features and the traditional values they were grounded in. 

By collaborating with fashion and lifestyle influencers, CurioCottage was able to reach a highly engaged audience and increase brand visibility. The campaign was cost-effective and provided the brand with measurable results. CurioCottage plans to continue its influencer marketing efforts to maintain its brand’s momentum and increase sales.

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