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InfluencerHai’s Successful Campaign to Promote Cachy | Case Study

Video-calling platforms have become an essential means of communication. One such platform is ‘Cachy,’ a video calling platform that allows people to talk to each other on video calls. 

The platform offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience. However, the client needed to promote the platform through influencers. InfluencerHai, a company specializing in influencer marketing, was tasked with creating a campaign to encourage Cachy. 

The campaign involved influencers creating content where they would talk to anybody they like and discuss various topics like religion, current affairs, emotional mocking, etc.

Challenges: The first challenge that InfluencerHai faced was finding the right influencers to promote the platform. They had to discover influencers to connect with the audience and create engaging content. 

The second challenge was ensuring the content was relevant to the target audience. The third challenge was making the campaign stand out in a crowded market where numerous platforms vied for attention.

Solution: InfluencerHai decided to create a multi-tiered campaign that would leverage the power of influencers to promote Cachy. The campaign would involve the following steps:

Step 1: Identifying the right influencers – InfluencerHai used data analytics and social listening tools to identify the right influencers. They looked for influencers who had a significant following and were known for creating engaging content. The influencers also needed to be a good fit for the Cachy brand.

Step 2: Creating the content – InfluencerHai worked closely with the influencers to create relevant content for the target audience. The content included religion, current affairs, emotional mocking, etc. We’ve created the content to engage and thought-provoking, encouraging users to use Cachy to engage in such conversations.

Step 3: Promoting the content – InfluencerHai promoted the content through various channels, including social media, blogs, and video-sharing platforms. They also used paid advertising to increase the reach of the campaign. We’ve forged the campaign to stand out in a crowded market by being unique and thought-provoking.

Influencers: We’ve concluded influencers for Cachy!

In the world of Instagram, numerous accounts cater to various niches. Model_sapra_official has 259K subscribers and shares their experiences in the modeling industry. ng__nishi has 863K followers and provides a glimpse into the life of a fashion influencer. prashantrawat22 has 12.3K subscribers and showcases their love for travel and adventure.

akshat_xesthetix has 201K followers and shares their passion for fashion and style. aspiring_psyche has 226K subscribers and provides motivational and inspirational content. sidsharma_tis has 593K followers and provides a sneak peek into the life of a musician and artist.

Each of these accounts has its unique style and caters to a specific audience. 

While some focus on fashion and lifestyle, others provide inspiration and motivation. The number of followers varies significantly, but what unites them is their passion and dedication to their craft. Instagram has provided a platform for these individuals to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience.

Results: The campaign was a resounding success. The influencers created engaging content that resonated with the target audience, and Cachy saw a significant increase in users. 

The campaign generated over 2 million views, and Cachy gained over 50,000 new users. The content created by the influencers also generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many users sharing the content with their followers.


In conclusion, InfluencerHai’s campaign to promote Cachy was a great success. The campaign leveraged the power of influencers to create engaging content that resonated with the target audience. 

The campaign was unique, thought-provoking, and stood out in a crowded market. As a result, Cachy gained many new users, and the campaign generated a lot of buzz on social media. 

The campaign’s success highlights the power of influencer marketing and its ability to create meaningful connections with consumers.

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