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The latest Instagram Marketing updates

The latest Instagram update is all about the community. With numerous new functions, Instagram adapts to the wishes of its users and makes long-awaited functions a reality. We’ll show you what the new update entails and explain exactly how you can use the features for yourself.

If you’ve opened your Instagram in the last two weeks, you may have noticed that a few things have changed. However, the new Instagram update 2021 has also brought many changes that are a bit harder to figure out. So that you have to turn your profile upside down to find all the news, we have created a detailed summary of all the new features.

In summary, the Instagram update has so far brought the following features with it:

  • Links in Stories are now available for all users
  • New thread feature for stories
  • Story updates ensure more views
  • Live Scheduling
  • A new way to publish posts directly from the desktop
  • Introduction of “Collabs”
  • A new fundraiser Prompt
  • Additional reel effects
  • Content formats are being reinvented
  • Specification of pronouns on your account
  • New transparency tools
  • Extension of the analysis data for business accounts

Even though Instagram comes up with new ideas almost weekly, these seem to be the biggest changes of this year. So that you already know your way around, we have taken a close look at the individual aspects and explained them to you in detail. However, before we start with detailed explanations, be sure to update your Instagram app first. Once you’ve done that, you can sit back and go through the individual news with us.

Instagram Update: Links in Stories made possible for everyone

The time has finally come. On October 27, 2021, Instagram made the feature of publishing links to Stories possible for all users. Previously, it was only possible for verified users and accounts with at least 10,000 subscribers. However, Instagram listened to its community and shared the feature with everyone. From now on, you can already link your website and improve your website traffic with a brand new account in the story.

Of course, you can also use any link, be it a specific product, information about an event, or even links to other platforms. How you can do this is quite simple:

  • Create your story or upload ready-made content.
  • Select the sticker tool in the top navigation bar.
  • Tap on the “Link” sticker and enter the desired link.
  • Tap Done.
  • Place the sticker on your story and use another tap to select the color variation you like best.

The Link Sticker is the new, better version of the old “Swipe Up“. In this way, your subscribers can react to your story despite the link and also reply to you.

Instagram Update: New Thread Feature for Stories

The link sticker is not the only news in the field of Instagram stories.

This feature allows you to start a thread on any topic and allow your subscribers to respond to your story with their own stories. The collected content of all users is then displayed as a “thread” when you click on the sticker. So all answers can be comfortably viewed by everyone. Because your username appears as the “author of the thread,” it will improve your reach in addition to engagement.

Instagram takes the idea for this feature from video sharing app TikTok, which has created a new trend with its “duet” feature. Instagram wants to appeal to young users in particular.

Instagram Update: Stickers for more views on Stories

You probably already know that it’s also worth using illustrated stickers in your stories. Aside from being able to spice up your content, they help you improve your reach.

Illustrated stickers have been in vogue for a long time. With three new Diwali stickers, Instagram once again allowed users to share their festivity with friends and family. The unique thing about the application of such stickers is that the own story is added to the multi-author account, which enjoys a separate label. In this way, your content becomes part of a larger whole and also reaches more subscribers.

Instagram Update: Live Scheduling

With this feature, you can better schedule your live sessions. From now on, it is possible to publish an appointment up to 90 days in advance, which your subscribers can remember.

We’ll explain how to do this:

  • Press the + symbol.
  • Go to the usual “Live” option.
  • On the left side, you will then find the “Schedule” option. When selecting, you only need to enter the desired date and time.
  • Share this on your feed and allow your followers to sign up for notifications so as not to miss your life.
  • Instagram Update: Publish Directly from Desktop

If you create your content on your computer, you will especially enjoy this feature. With the new update, you no longer have to send your pictures and videos (under a minute) back and forth between devices. Instead, publish directly from your PC, Mac, or iPad and enjoy editing in large resolution. A separate Instagram app is no longer needed for this.

This update is not yet intended for the release of stories and reels. For this, you still have to reach for your smartphone and the app.

Instagram Update: Introduction of “Collabs”

Everyone already knows the Instagram Live collaborations. Now it’s time for something new. With the new Instagram update 2021, users can now also collaborate on feed posts and reels. But what exactly does that mean? We have summarized the most important things for you:

  • Affected posts are published on both accounts and do not just end up in the “marked” area.
  • The content is thus visible to followers of both users.
  • Both users are displayed as authors of the content in the header.
  • The posts have the same number of views and likes on both accounts and also the same comments.

With Collabs, you can expand your reach and enter into a whole new form of Instagram partnership. This is a good way to reach their target group, especially for small companies. Not only other companies but above all influencers are suitable for this.

To use the feature, all you have to do is create a post and send an invitation to collaborate. The button for this appears when clicking on the already known “Mark people” option, which appears before the publication of reels or feed posts. In the last step, your co-partner only has to agree to the invitation.

Instagram Update: New Fundraiser Prompt Making it easier to give back”, these words Instagram announces on Twitter that it is working on a new way to create fundraisers. This is intended to facilitate fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations.

According to Instagram, creating fundraisers becomes as easy as publishing a post. Thus, when you click the + symbol, the “Fundraiser” option will be added to the Post, Story, Reels, and Live options.

Currently, fundraisers can be created in the feed in conjunction with a post. For example, the last step before publishing shows the option “Add fundraiser”. By clicking on it, users can select their preferred non-profit organization and set a donation goal. The fundraiser then runs for 30 days and guarantees that even if the goal is not reached, 100 percent of the donations go to the respective organization.

Instagram Update: New Reel Effects

Although reels are no longer foreign to us, Instagram is always unpacking new features. This time they concern with the music:

  • Superbeat: This feature adds visual effects to your video that adapt to the beat of the selected song.
  • Dynamic & 3D: On-screen lyrics made easy. This allows you to make your reels more creative and capture the attention of your users.

The content focus inspired by TikTok has had a firm grip on Instagram since August 2020. Because the reels also reach people who don’t follow you, they are a very good way to get attention and increase your reach. How well this is going became clear back in the summer when Instagram extended the maximum length for reels to one minute. Therefore, be sure to use the many features and let your creativity run wild.

If you have not yet fully understood what exactly the difference is between Reels and the now abolished IGTV, we recommend that you read our article on Facebook and Instagram formats.

Instagram Update: Posting Format Update

Has it ever happened to you that you missed something on Instagram videos and then had to play the entire video from the beginning? Or are you the guy who is impatiently waiting for the punchline of the video and would like to fast-forward? With the new update, you can do just that.

Recently, old long videos on Instagram have a scroll bar that allows you to fast-forward and rewind. So you no longer have to waste time on annoying waiting.

The IGTV format has completely abandoned Instagram. These videos now simply fall under the name “Instagram Video”, along with regular video posts. This means that both will appear normally on the feed with a preview of 60 seconds. The maximum length will remain at one hour.

Instagram Update: Specify Your Pronouns

An update on the personal level concerns the specification of the preferred pronouns. Under “Edit profile” you can now add up to four pronouns in addition to your name, user name, website, and profile.

However, this update also has a big impact on user targeting. With this information, advertising on Instagram can be used even more efficiently. If you want to learn more about marketing on social networks, be sure to read our article on social media marketing as well.

Instagram Update: Transparency Tools

With a test phase in the United States, Instagram wants to strengthen the transparency of its platform. “Bug Notifications” notify users if Instagram has any technical problems. This is to prevent speculation and rumors and give users peace of mind that Instagram is already working to fix the problem.

Another tool is the account status. If your content is taken down by Instagram, you can find out why in the account status. This will also allow you to request a re-examination.

Instagram Update: New data for business accounts

The advantages of a business account on Instagram are a large amount of data about your subscriber structureThe new Business Account Update is also intended to analyze those who interact with your profile but are not yet subscribers.

The information should be available in three parts:

  • Several accounts have interacted with your Content.
  • Demographic characteristics of the users who have interacted with your content, and
  • The number and demographic characteristics of the users your content has reached in total.

However, the subscriber structure alone is not sufficient for firm decisions. That’s why your insights also show you which content formats are most popular with your target group. With this data, you can better plan your posts and adjust your strategy to the expectations of your followers.


The new Instagram updates make it easier to use the platform for marketing purposes. The numerous features can improve your reach and make it easier to interact with your target audience. For this reason, it is important to always be up to date and start using it immediately. In case you haven’t noticed any changes yet, be sure to check if you’ve already updated your app.

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