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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Examples & How to Get Started)

In affiliate marketing, affiliates (partners) advertise the products and services of other companies (i.e., Flipkart Amazon) on their websites and receive a commission after the sale. Affiliate marketing has firmly established itself in advertising, especially on the Internet. There are different payment models with a common concept that the revenue is paid only in the event of a successful sale.

The idea behind Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing rose in 1997 at a party event where a lady asked the amazon founder to list her books on the website ( and offer him a commission in the event of success. Gradually, Amazon added more and more partners to advertise their products on Amazon for a commission. Even today, Amazon is one of the big players in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is playing an increasingly central role in mixed marketing. In 2019, 74 percent of affiliates & 61 percent of merchants, and 90 percent of agencies & networks increased their sales – despite the hurdles of e-privacy.

How affiliate marketing works

Many companies rely on affiliate marketing for sales of their products and services. In affiliate marketing, publishers link products to relevant content and receive a predetermined commission after the sale. The commission amount also depends on various categories; Clothing & electronics have different amounts of commission.

Affiliate marketing is none other than money. There are two essential factors in affiliates programs:

  • Commission amount
  • Advertising commission

Commission amount

Affiliates keep checking the commission terms of respective categories because they may change. Publishers (Affiliates) link their content to partner sites and products directly and receive a predetermined commission after the sale. Commission differentiates into various categories; Clothing & electronics have different amounts of commission.

Advertising Commission

Many affiliates have a very high reach, often hundreds of thousands of millions of traffic and newsletter recipients or followers on social media. Due to this enormous reach and the associated advertising performance, affiliates often demand an advertising cost subsidy as a fixed contribution, and companies offer them additional fixed fees.

Note: You should not underestimate affiliate marketing. Its massive potential will help you earn around a crore in a year and make at least 1 lakh monthly.

Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks

Many websites offer affiliate programs to understand interested customers using advertising mediums; the websites also use cookies to track the process.

Also, professional affiliate networks provide tools to use affiliate programs for publishers. These platforms combine advertisers and publishers and bundle functions such as delivering advertising material, tracking, measuring performance, and distributing commissions.

Benefits for advertisers

Affiliate marketing is a favorable advertising opportunity for advertisers as they pay the amount after a successful sale. In addition, advertisers have a reasonably low risk and the possibility of higher sales.

Benefits for Publishers

The publishers act as partners (affiliates) and make money by promoting products on their websites, which leads to sales. The partners receive commissions for clicks, leads, or sales, depending on the model.

Finding Niches: Success Factors for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing whopping 8.2 billion euros investment in 2022 – up from 5.4 billion in 2017. it’s best to look for a lucrative niche, create a corresponding page, and enter into the billion-dollar affiliate business.

Mobile first

The use of mobile devices is crucial in affiliate marketing. Already in 2016, more traffic came from mobile devices than desktops. Since 2018, the speed of mobile pages has been considered a ranking factor. Many companies and affiliates have adapted this factor to their websites.

Affiliates as sales partners at eye level

Open communication in affiliate marketing remains underestimated. Affiliates are personal contact persons for questions and suggestions.

Focus on the Customer Journey

The topic of customer journey tracking and the associated analysis of online marketing channels is also a central aspect of affiliate marketing. To draw meaningful conclusions, publishers must provide the necessary resources to deal intensively with the topic of the customer journey.

Traditional compensation models in affiliate marketing

There are different compensation models in affiliate marketing to calculate commission. Like;

  • Pay-per-click
  • Pay-per-sale
  • Pay-per-lead

Conclusion: Appropriate reward for affiliates

In affiliate marketing, affiliates advertise the products of third-party companies on their website for money. For example, blog operators can market their web space and make it available to partner companies or newsletter registration. Standard commission models in affiliate marketing are pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click. Affiliate marketing is a way to monetize their content. Affiliates are personal sales partners with constant exchange and profits for both sides.

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