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Brands Are Resorting To Influencer Marketing For Promotion

Why are Brands resorting to influencer marketing for promotion? In the age of technology, it is being used as a tool for brand marketing nowadays.

What influencer marketing is, why brands are resorting to promotion

The popularity of social media has increased rapidly in the country, which has opened up new avenues of marketing for companies. One of these is influencer marketing; who are influencers? Any person can be an influencer, and you too. The number of people who follow social media users on the web and social media is an influencer. It could be a cyber security blogger or a photographer posting a photo on Instagram.

Companies feel that these influencers dominate social media and can influence consumer preferences. That is why the wind of influencer marketing has started. In the age of technology, it is being used as a tool for brand marketing nowadays.


Therefore, calling an influencer a celebrity in the 21st century would be appropriate. Surveys conducted by Yaap and IAMAI show that 75 percent of marketing teams associate the success of their campaigns with who they have a tie-up. There is tremendous competition among companies to attract consumers, and influencers play a significant role in this. They serve as a connection that joins customers and brands.


Atul Hegde, a co-founder of Rainmaker Ventures, is also the chief mentor of Yaap, a super-specialized startup in content discovery, creation, and distribution. It is a Rainmaker Ventures subsidiary. Atul says that with the growth of online social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc., companies have changed their attitude toward influencer marketing. They have an immediate effect. So brands quickly obtain consumers into their customer list.

Benefit Of an Influencer Marketing

  • Brand Visibility
  • Brand Value
  • ROI
  • Engage Your Targeted Audience
  • Increase Traffic

Role of Influencer Marketing Agency

An influencer marketing agency helps the brand to connect with its target audience. Agency allows you to reach out to your target audience through influencer social media accounts and blogs, where they share information about products or services, which creates interest in the audience to connect with the brand. Influencers are people who have a large following on social media. They usually have many followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agency In India

  • 1. InfluencerHai
  • 2. Confluencr
  • 3. Chtrbox
  • 4. ANTS Digital
  • 5. The Marcom Avenue
  • 6. ENLYFT
  • 7. Whisskers Marketing
  • 8. Third Eye Blind Productions
  • 9. Tech2Globe
  • 10. I Knowledge Factory (IKF)

Best Influencer Marketing Agency In India

InfluencerHai is the best influencer marketing agency in India; it creates targeted campaigns for Indian brands in various content segments like VloggersGamingTechFashionBeautyFitnessHealthTravelFoodieMotivational, and Educational Influencers.

How influencers work with the company

Influencers work with the company in different ways. In India, influencers charge lakhs of rupees for each campaign and get many types of incentives every year they become a part of many campaigns. Yaap’s study says that around 40 percent of brands are ready to spend Rs 20 lakh on each campaign. However, advertising costs vary from influencer to influencer. It will ultimately depend on how many followers the influencer has on their platform. Influencers are split into nanomicromacro, and mega categories based on the size of their following.

Influencer Marketing In America and Europe

American and Europe companies keep 75 percent of their total marketing budget for online marketing. In the last three years, Influencer marketing has increased in India. Nearly 40 percent of the big brands expressed their desire to increase spending on influencer marketing campaigns. Most companies indicated an increase in influencer marketing budget over the next three years.


Influencer marketing agencies provide you with a better understanding to scale your business. Consider working with us if you want to take your marketing ad campaign to the next level. You can reach a wider audience and build a more successful business.

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