Top 20 Gaming Influencers in India You Must Follow

Who are Gaming Influencers in India?

Remarkable and devoted gaming Influencers live in India, and many gaming influencers are spreading their enthusiasm for games around the globe. Top 20 Gaming Influencers in India You Must Follow. These Indian gaming influencers, which range from well-known YouTubers to upcoming streams, are likely to pique your interest in gaming.

Here are The Top 20 Gaming Influencers in India

  • Aditya Deepak Sawant
  • Ajey Nagar- @carryminati
  • Akash Dodeja
  • Animesh
  • Ankit Pant- @ankitpanth
  • Hitesh Kumar Sharma
  • iMaZik
  • Jonathan Amaral
  • Naman Chhabra- @namanchhabra_
  • Naman Mathur
  • Rachit Yadav- @rachitroo_1
  • Rishab Karanwal- @rakazonegaming
  • Rishi Gaming
  • Rohan Ledwani
  • Sujan Mistri
  • Tarikul Laskar
  • Two Side Gamers- @twosidegamers
  • Yash Shukla
  • Yash Soni

Aditya Deepak Sawant

Another Indian YouTuber and gamer that plays PUBG on the phone are Aditya Sawant, commonly known as Dynamo. Currently, he is a member of the Hydra family. 

The fact that Dynamo is a highly skilled and competitive player is generally known, and other players look to him as an inspiration. He is well-liked by emulation players and has achieved success playing against players from various nations. He frequently collaborates with the gamers on this list. On Instagram, he has more than 2.1 million fans.

Ajey Nagar- @carryminati

Everyone is familiar with Ajey Nagar. He was born in Faridabad on June 12, 1999, and goes by Carry Minati. He is a prominent YouTuber and gamer in India, noted for his rants on trending videos and exceptional gaming skills.

He dropped out of the arts program at DPS in his senior year and is now the most well-known person in India. He frequently collaborates with celebrities and content creator Tanmay Bhat for live-streaming gaming videos. Moreover, he has more than 16 million views on Instagram.

Akash Dodeja

The YouTube personality and comedian Akash Dodeja is best known online as “Jadoo.” Before starting work, he graduated from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC) with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Still, he soon realized that YouTube and gaming were his genuine loves. He has a close friendship with Ashish Chanchalani. He has more than 207k Instagram followers as of this writing.


The best gaming influencer in India is well-known as Animesh Agarwal, better known as 8Bit Thug. He has changed the Indian gaming scene in Asia. He formerly shared ownership of Team SOUL and was the head of Team 8Bit (as stated above). He has approximately 700,000 subscribers on YouTube’s 8-bit Thug channel and more than 702k Instagram followers.

Ankit Pant- @ankitpanth

Ankit Pant is one of the most well-known Counter-Strike players in India. He also goes by the handle V3nom, and he first started playing video games in a café in Mumbai, India’s Kandivali neighborhood. Ankit Pant has been in the DJ and fitness industries and gaming for more than ten years. He currently has 68.2k Instagram followers.

Hitesh Kumar Sharma

An expert in video games, Hitesh Kumar Sharma, is an Indian game creator, tester, and YouTuber. He finished his BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) program in Chandigarh, northern India.

His primary focus is the Indian gaming community, and he works to assist anyone who wants to make a game. Additionally, he has over 86k Instagram followers.


iMaZik is another young name in gaming. He is a member of the GodL family. In the PUBG Mobile gaming community, iMaZiK is a well-known and very skilled player. He is known to invest numerous hours of time and effort into gaming and continuously attempts to advance his abilities. He currently has more than 64.7k Instagram followers.

Jonathan Amaral

Esports athlete Jonathan Amaral from India is well known. That Jonathan is only 19 years old is fantastic. He is regarded as the best player from India on this list and is known for his hacker-like abilities. His YouTube family is constantly growing, and he has more than 2.5 million subscribers. He currently has a whopping 2 million Instagram followers.

Naman Chhabra- @namanchhabra_

Another Indian gaming influencer intensely interested in technology and other technical areas is Naman Chhabra. He works with other well-known gamers despite his competence in technology and tech-related topics. He is equally focused on gaming. He currently has around 45.4k Instagram followers.

Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur, known as Soul Mortal, is one of India’s most well-known gaming influencers. He is the first Indian to post a video of himself using an iPad or other mobile device to play PUBG Mobile. Viewers remark on how quick and skillful he is in any game. The only trustworthy Indian team to participate in and win every PUBG tournament is Name and his colleague SOUL. He currently has 5.3 million Instagram views.

Rachit Yadav- @rachitroo_1

Rachit Yadav is another well-known player from Uttar Pradesh. He recently excelled at school. His YouTube channel “Rachitroo” has more than 4 million followers. The most well-known young streamer and gamer right now is him. He currently has 264k Instagram followers.

Rishab Karanwal- @rakazonegaming

On March 28, 1993, Rishab Karanwal, commonly known as Rakazone Gaming, was born. He streams live video games streams on YouTube. He is a seasoned player in the Indian gambling industry. Additionally, in 2018 he was named “Streamer of the Year.” More than 464K people subscribe to him. He currently has 112k Instagram followers.

Rishi Gaming

With over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers, Rishi Agrawal, often known as Rishi Gaming, is an Indian gaming influencer who broadcasts Free Fire content from his nation. His YouTube channel has almost 2.8 million subscribers, and each video receives an average of 1.52 million views. He now has more than 60.5k Instagram followers.

Rohan Ledwani

The nation’s most well-known FPS player is Rohan “HydraFlick” Ledwani. More than 320K people subscribe to the 23-year-old digital producer and presenter on YouTube. He started pursuing a gaming career after joining the PUBG competitive scene and quickly established himself as a respected gaming influencer in India. He believes that his competitive mentality has influenced who he is today. He currently has more than 75.9k Instagram followers, as you read this.

Sujan Mistri

Sujan Mistri, commonly known online as Gyan Gaming, is one of the most well-known YouTubers. He recognized the significance that internet gaming had taken on for young people and devotedly started his career. He regularly uploads his live streams on YouTube and is an absolute freak for the game Free Fire. He still has 1.9 million Instagram followers as of right now.

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Tarikul Laskar

Tarikul YT, sometimes known as Tarikul Laska, is a well-known Indian Free Fire player who began his YouTube channel in 2019. He is another successful 18-year-old gamer with more than 1.5 subscribers on YouTube and 100,000 Instagram followers.


Another well-known gaming influencer located in India is Titian Shot YT. He is an additional young gamer from India with a significant fan and subscriber base. He is one of the most fiercely competitive gamers in the gaming industry and has more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers. He also founded Titan E-sports and has talented players on his staff. He also has 102k Instagram followers.

Two Side Gamers- @twosidegamers

Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, cousins, host the well-known gaming channel TWO-SIDE GAMERS on YouTube. They stream Garena Free Fire live every day. As is well known, they founded the first pair gaming channel on YouTube in India.

The @twosidegamersearns between $91.9K and $1.5M annually, and his YouTube channel currently has over 7.17 million subscribers and more than 1.3 million Instagram subscribers.

Yash Shukla

Another young gamer from India making waves in the industry is Yash Shukla. He is well-recognized for his commitment to and love of gaming. He has made sure to give in everything it takes and has been focusing on gaming since he first started playing because the gaming industry and career are both competitive, making it challenging for young gamers to thrive. He has a whopping 35k Instagram followers, which is impressive.

Yash Soni

Yash Paresh Soni, popularly known as Yash Soni, has become widely known as Soul Viper among gamers since he started playing PUBG Mobile on YouTube. He is a skilled game developer, streamer, and Esports competitor from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In addition, he has 689k Instagram followers.




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