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News: Govt Proposes Content Influencers & Creators

These guidelines aim to prevent Influencers from misleading their audiences when endorsing products or services and ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Looking for guidance on responsible influencer marketing practices in India? Check out these recently released “Endorsements Know-hows!” guidelines from the government of India’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

Featuring clear and prominent disclosure requirements for endorsements, the guidelines have been designed to safeguard consumer interests in the digital age. Get a closer look at these guidelines and learn how to provide your feedback on their implementation.

Rohit Kumar Singh, who serves as the Secretary for the Department of Consumer Affairs, has recommended the establishment of a self-regulatory organization for companies that operate in the field of influencer marketing.

On Wednesday, the Secretary of Consumer Affairs for the Government of India engaged in a roundtable discussion with influencers, content creators, and their agencies in Mumbai. During the discussion, the Secretary discussed the recently released guidelines for social media personalities, including celebrities and virtual influencers. 

The Secretary suggested establishing a self-regulatory organization to ensure compliance with these guidelines further.

Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs, proposed two solutions to enhance the influencer marketing industry. 

  • He recommended the formation of a self-regulatory organization for companies operating in the field of influencer marketing
  • He suggested the industry collaborate to develop a program recognizing creators and influencers. This recognition program aims to acknowledge these personalities’ contributions while promoting ethical practices within the industry.

During a round table conference in the real estate sector, a government official announced that influencers must disclose their expertise and relationship with any products they promote, or face consequences. 

The official highlighted the need for transparency in advertisements that make claims, such as certain products strengthening muscles, and requested disclosures regarding the qualifications of those endorsing such products. 

Similarly, regarding investment-related advice, the official requested disclosures about the influencers’ expertise and potential conflicts of interest. 

A meeting will be held with social media influencers to sensitize them to these requirements and remind them to disclose if they are promoting a product. If not, there will be consequences under existing laws.

To prevent individuals from misleading their audiences while endorsing products or services and to comply with the Consumer Protection Act and associated rules and guidelines, the government of India released a set of guidelines called “Endorsements Know-hows!” 

These guidelines require clear and prominent disclosures for endorsements, including terms like “advertisement,” “sponsored,” “collaboration,” or “paid promotion.” 

These guidelines are particularly important in the digital world, where advertisements extend beyond traditional media, making consumers vulnerable to misleading ads.

Anupam Mishra, who serves as the Joint Secretary for Consumer Affairs in the government of India, gave a presentation on the recently released guidelines called “Endorsement Know-Hows.” 

The presentation encouraged influencers, content creators, and their agencies to provide feedback on the guidelines and their implementation. By receiving feedback, the department can identify areas for improvement and make necessary amendments to ensure that the guidelines remain relevant and effective in safeguarding consumer interests and promoting responsible influencer marketing practices. 

These guidelines aim to address the growing issue of misleading advertisements in the digital world and require clear and prominent disclosures for endorsements to protect consumers from being misled.

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