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TikTok Introduces Photo Mode & New Editing Tools

TikTok introduces Photo Mode and new editing tools for sounds, clips, and text.

For creators, TikTok delivers various new creation and editing tools, such as overlays and the option to trim and set sounds and clips at will. Above all, however, the new Photo Mode catches the eye, with which users can share images in the carousel and underpin them with music.

TikTok wants to promote even more content ideas and storytelling on the entertainment platform. The company is introducing seven new content editing tools that give creators more leeway for their content. In addition, the app officially announces the increase of the character limit in captions and launches a photo mode. With the latter feature, TikTok exceptionally uses a successful format of social apps such as Instagram. Recently, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Co., in particular, had taken over the functions of TikTok.

New Photo Mode on TikTok

We’re excited to highlight a range of new editing and creation tools available on TikTok 🎉

— TikTokComms (@TikTokComms)October 6, 2022

On its blog, TikTok offers a new opportunity to creators if they do not want to express themselves solely through videos; it is a Photo Mode, a carousel format for images available on the go. Users can use it to create a carousel post whose images are automatically displayed one after the other. Also, add music as a soundtrack for these images. The viewers, in turn, can also swipe through the photos at their own pace.

New Editing Tools Are Developed To Optimize Storytelling

In addition to Photo Mode, TikTok has introduced some new features to make content even more granular. The following options are now available to creators in the U.S. and most regions worldwide – no specification from TikTok:

  • Edit clips: Creators can now crop, superimpose, and individually split video clips.
  • Edit sounds: Sounds can now be cut and capped at the right place and set the duration of the sound
  • Edit and position text: Simple to edit and change text position text elements.
  • Add overlays: Creators can insert photo and video overlays for a picture-in-picture (or video-in-video) overlap.
  • Adjust video speed: The tempo of the video clip can be increased or decreased.
  • Frame content: Creators can use zoom and rotation functions for individual frames from clips.
  • Add sound effects: Creators can easily add excellent effects to videos.

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