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Top 10 Beauty Influencers In India You Must Follow Right Now

We have put together a gorgeous list of the top 10 beauty influencers in India that you should follow. Following these people can solve your skincare and beauty-related problems.

Building and maintaining a strong, sustainable online presence has become essential for skincare and beauty brands to remain competitive. India’s skincare and beauty business is crowded with multiple brands selling comparable goods.

In such an environment, it has become challenging for skincare businesses to stand out from the competitors and gain and keep clients over the long term. Making an online presence for your brand is challenging with new social media platforms, so skincare and beauty influencer marketing is beneficial.

These social media creators/Influencers/Bloggers, who’ve authority in their domain, are familiar with all the ins and outs of the specific social media platforms and can assist you in successfully connecting with your target audience by producing original, pertinent material. 

The top 10 Indian YouTube skincare influencers who are creating content in Hindi are listed below to help you focus your search on the ideal collaborator.

Here are the Top 10 beauty influencers in India you must follow right now who create content in Hindi:

  • Aanchal Panth
  • Arushi Pahwa
  • Beauty9
  • D BeautyBush
  • Indian Girl Channel Trisha
  • Jyoti Sethi
  • Parul Saxena
  • Perkymegs Hindi
  • Priyanka Ghosh
  • Rinkal Parekh

Aanchal Panth

We all experience various challenging skin issues, including acne, pimples, and uneven skin tone. The internet is flooded with home skincare remedies that promise to quickly and effectively address your skin issues with a wide choice of products. They typically do more harm than good, though, to your skin.

Instead of following this beauty advice mindlessly, you should exercise caution. Dermatologist Dr. Aanchal Panth has composed six articles on inefficient skin care methods that could injure your skin even more.

Dr. Aanchal Panth, a dermatologist, comes from Gujarat. She believes people should be educated about their illnesses and given more authority. She urges people to focus on healthy skin instead of just pale skin.

Arushi Pahwa

Arushi Pahwa is a young woman and a beauty influencer who enjoys modeling makeup. Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Hair Care, Lifestyle, Makeup, Reviews, Skin Care, and Hauls are some of the genres in which she produces films.

You will adore everything she has to share, from sharp eyes to glistening lips, shiny eyelids to corrective makeup, and western appearances to Indian party makeup styles. She is the ideal beauty blogger because she is familiar with the skincare and cosmetic needs of Indian viewers.

Watch Arushi’s one-brand beauty tutorial to look your best throughout Christmas. It is filled with eye-catching colors and fascinating cosmetic movies that her audience can try. Also, she offers free classes to those who want to learn more about these genres.


For Indians, Beuaty9 is a YouTube channel that offers the most recent skincare, makeup, and cosmetics tutorials in Hindi. The host of the channel is Kalpita Bhawani. The content on Kalpita’s channel is fantastic and diverse. She is also a beauty consultant, and her audience benefits significantly from her experience.

Her step-by-step videos are enjoyable to watch because she meticulously explains her methodology. Not only are her films instructive and enjoyable to watch because of the advice she offers, but they are also beautifully produced. Beauty9 is also a one-stop shop for all cosmetics.  

D BeautyBush

Dimple offered a specific intro to the world of beauty and makeup, Dimple alias D BeautyBlush. She loves to share advice, recommendations and hauls for skin, lips, hair, lips, and eyes.

Her Must-watch content includes product reviews and Celebrity Makeup Recreation. Dimple offers detailed cosmetic tutorial videos and try-on fashion hauls.

Indian Girl Channel Trisha

Trisha is a renowned YouTuber and lifestyle blogger. She aims to publish videos about cosmetics, including Lookbooks, Hacks, Simple DIY, Easy Makeup, Vlogs, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Weight Loss. She is an authentic influencer when it comes to makeup and beauty. Trisha is committed to her audience when it comes to product reviews.

Listening to her playlists can solve your skin and hair problems. Her YouTube videos were exclusively about skin, hair, cosmetics, and other beauty products. She looks more outgoing and talks about every moment of her daily.

Trisha evaluates well-known skincare companies as well as their goods. She is also evolving famous for other similar activities, like her clothing haul videos.

Jyotii Sethi

Another well-known Indian beauty vlogger is Jyotii Sethi; she frequently posts hauls from various Indian markets. You should subscribe to her YouTube channel to watch skincare and beauty videos. Jyoti Sethi’s YouTube channel features vlogs, and travel, fashion, and cosmetic tutorials.

If you’re looking for affordable Indian cosmetics, Jyotii’s tutorials are a must-watch. Her YouTube channel offers a wide range of entertaining and educational beauty vlogs, from how-to guides to honest evaluations of numerous products used in everyday skincare and cosmetics.

Parul Saxena

Indian skincare influencer Parul Saxena presently lives in the Netherlands. Parul’s is an excellent bridal makeover tutorial channel that you can always count on. Her YouTube channel is dedicated to DIY, Beauty, Makeup, and Skincare.

She has you covered for everything from smokey eyes to everyday makeup looks to parties, bridal, and fun looks. She was motivated to achieve her aspirations through her passion for makeup and the arts. Her beauty advice is easy to implement. She believes that everyone, whether White, Black, or Brown, is gorgeous in some manner. She thinks every skin tone is beautiful.

Perkymegs Hindi

Megha is a YouTube and Instagram influencer and the innholder of Perkymegs Hindi. She publishes Hindi-language videos on lifestyle, vlogs, fashion, and beauty & skincare. She also publishes the same videos on another channel, Perkymegs, but in English.

She offers a range of cosmetic trends, outfit recommendations, Indian jewelry trends, and other courtesies. Her goal is to convey a confident and beautiful sense of her points of view.

She has worked with companies including Craftsvilla, Shoppers Stop, VLCC, Mama Earth, Plum, Voonik, Health & Glow, Clovia, Times of India, Shein, Club Factory, and other manufacturers of clothing and cosmetics.

Priyanka Ghosh

Priyanka does haul videos like skincare, makeup, and fashion tutorials.

You would well spend your time reading her objective reviews of well-known products and her “best and worst products” series. Watch: Here is her pregnant time skincare tutorial as she will soon become a mother.

Rinkal Parekh

Rinkal Parekh is a well-known blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer, fitness expert, and content creator. She refreshes her Instagram feed with information on the most recent fashion trends, places to go, products to check out, and other subjects. 

On her social media platforms, Rinkal Parekh has a large fan following. Her readers and followers like the original and intelligent posts she posts on Social media.

A frequent YouTuber, Rinkal Parekh records everyday vlogs with her family and friends. Rinkal enjoys educating people about current skincare trends, makeup, and cosmetics.

She has authority on various topics, including simple and fast beauty instructions and bridal makeup tutorials. She covers all aspects of cosmetics in her under 10-minute-long videos. Follow Rinkal on YouTube if you want to spend less time doing makeup.


It’s all done now! Influencer marketing for beauty and skincare has become a sizzling topic. Influencers provide a wealth of brand advantages and aid in developing a loyal customer base.

As an Indian influencer marketing agency, InfluencerHai is aware of the enormous effect that beauty influencers have on their audience and wants to help our clients by collaborating with them.

Looking for more information on influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Please email us at, and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

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