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Laugh Out Loud: Meet India’s Top Meme Influencers on Twitter!

Get ready to ROFL with India’s top Meme Influencers on Twitter! Follow these hilarious Memers as they share comical memes on hot topics, politics, Bollywood, and more. Join the laughter with @AskThePankazzzz and @AditiMittal, among others. Don’t miss out on the fun! #MemeInfluencers #Meme

Why not take a break from your busy work schedule and indulge in some amusement by reading hilarious tweets? If you’re a fan of good times on Twitter, you’ll love these spoof Indian Twitter accounts currently sharing the silliest things to brighten your day. They offer daily punchlines and jokes based on the latest events and news worldwide. 

In 2023, memes started gaining attention as a means to raise awareness.

Meme profiles and regular content creators may differ, but their ability to create viral content is unparalleled. Nowadays, companies consider meme pages essential to their influencer marketing strategies. 

Their popularity impacts earnings, views, likes, and other metrics. The earning potential on social media is limitless, relying on sponsorships and advertisements.

It can cost between 1.5 and 2.5 lakhs to place an ad on a social media profile with 500K to 1M followers. On average, they earn 0.3% of their followers’ INR for each post.

Twitter has produced several comedic subgenres, and defining a new genre that combines satire, current affairs, humor, fun, and excitement in 140 characters or less can be challenging.

There are numerous funny Twitter users, and as a Twitter influencer marketing agency, we present the Top Memers in India on Twitter. Check out these Indian Twitter accounts to get started.

1. Ramesh Srivats @rameshsrivats

Ramesh Shrivats, the founder of Ten Ten Ten, a software company, is a Twitter celebrity with a staggering 4 million followers on his Twitter handle. Known for his witty one-liners, this Indian meme influencer on Twitter will surely make you smirk with his sarcasm.

Whoever said memes require videos, photos, and words isn’t enough hasn’t seen Ramesh’s tweets. He proves that if you have sarcasm in your veins, you can create hilarious punchlines with just words—Ramesh tweets about current events, national affairs, sports, finance, etc.

His unique perspective on things and his ability to twist them around with sarcasm are truly commendable. When asked about his source of creativity, Ramesh shared that his quirky brain makes bizarre connections between seemingly unrelated things, and his creative juices flow to nourish his mind.

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2. Sorabh Pant @hankypanty

Sorabh Pant is one of the top Indian stand-up comedians who has performed in over 2000 live shows across 100+ cities worldwide. His Twitter bio reads, ‘I make jokes for a living’, and he excels at his profession!

This Indian meme influencer on Twitter started his career as a television writer, working with Vir Das for a show on CNBC TV-18 back in 2008. Since then, Sorabh’s comedic career has steadily risen, gaining popularity and acclaim.

In December 2011, he released his debut novel, ‘ The Wednesday Soul,’ a hilarious and fictitious take on life after death. Sorabh prioritizes entertaining his 2.5 million Twitter followers with side-splitting memes and sarcastic punchlines, keeping them amused with his wit and humor.

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3. Akshar Pathak @AksharPathak

Working within the limitations of a brand brief can be challenging and restricting, but Akshar Pathak has managed to make it work. Regardless of your support, his ability to go viral is undeniable. With his inner clown unleashed, Akshar Pathak can cause you to burst into laughter, and it’s no wonder he has amassed a following of 1.8 million on Twitter.

But Akshar Pathak is not just about aesthetics, he’s also clever, reliable, and amusing. He occasionally comes up with rib-tickling jokes, one-liners, memes, and comebacks, although they may be rare, happening only about twice a year. He knows the significance of these moments and makes them count, leaving his followers entertained with his wit and humor.

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4. Gabbar @GabbbarSingh

Gabbar Singh’s clever and dark comedy tweets will make you laugh and cry! Abhishek Asthana, an engineer turned MBA and founder of Ginger Monkey LLP, is the creative mind behind the Twitter alias @GabbbarSingh. With over 1.4 million followers, Abhishek came up with the idea in 2010 while writing a blog post about the film Sholay.

He imagined the Sholay cast tweeting to each other in their style and created @GabbbarSingh to share hilarious screenshots on his blog. @GabbbarSingh is considered one of the best Twitter accounts and a must-follow for Twitter celebrities.

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5. Trendulkar @Trendulkar

Memes have become a form of communication, with Memestars gaining popularity for their quality content. Among them is Trendulkar, a witty engineer from BITS Pilani who started a Twitter account in 2011 to add humor to cricket, India’s national sport. With 1.2 million followers, Tendulkar entertains with live match observations. 

Behind the famous Sachin parody is Apoorv Sood, a merchant ship veteran, and soon-to-be marketer at a major e-commerce company. Apoorv has also won a vehicle in a Tata Motors influencer competition, earning recognition on Twitter for his hilarious cricket tweets.

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6. Rofl Gandhi 2.0 @RoflGandhi_

Rofl Gandhi, a popular Twitter account with over 754,000 followers, offers humor and satire on Indian politics. Amidst the stress of the political environment, Rofl Gandhi’s tweets provide much-needed relief by humorously highlighting the complexities of India’s social dynamics and the follies of its leaders.

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7. Rahul Roushan @rahulroushan

Rahul Roushan, a businessman, media expert, and social critic, started his career as a television journalist before venturing into business. He founded the news parody website Faking News in India, later acquired by Network18. 

With an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Patna University, a journalism certificate from IIMC (New Delhi), and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Rahul Roushan is presently the CEO of OpIndia (Aadhyaasi Media And Content Services Private Limited). He humorously refers to himself as a “well-known expert on nothing” with a touch of modesty.

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8. Sagar @sagarcasm

With his witty, sarcastic, and relatable memes, Sagarcasm’s Twitter account is a treasure trove of humor. Despite keeping his identity a secret, he has gained popularity for his hilarious tweets. From his early days as a copywriter to becoming an entrepreneur, Sagarcasm’s sharp observations on social media, politics, sports, and Bollywood make everyone laugh out loud. 

His tweets are often featured in blogs and news articles, adding to his social media following. Although he creates jokes for stand-up comedians, he has no plans to join other content-creating sites, as he continues to bring laughter to Twitter, one meme at a time.

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9. Aditi Mittal @awryaditi

Aditi Mittal, a prominent Indian English comedian, has gained acclaim as one of India’s top 10 stand-up comedians, according to the Times of India. With a Twitter following of 394.8K, Aditi has performed worldwide, delighting her fans with hilarious memes and engaging with them on Twitter. 

Her witty and sarcastic take on Bollywood, politics, and more has earned her recognition, including being named by CNN-IBN as one of the top 30 funny and intelligent Indian women to follow on Twitter. Her articles have been published in notable magazines and publications, such as Grazia Men, DNA,, and the Financial Times UK edition.

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10. Camardard pnkj @AskThePankazzzz

Twitter is undoubtedly a treasure trove of hilarious content, and @AskThePankazzzz is a must-follow account for those with a great sense of humor. Pankaj Sinha, a 25-year-old IIT-Roorkee engineer working as a senior design analyst at Pininfarina, joined Twitter out of boredom and now entertains his 41.4K followers with his witty tweets, even while at work.

His humorous take on internet conversations is like therapy, though his therapists on Twitter might need treatment themselves. Undoubtedly, Pankaj is one of India’s top 10 meme influencers on Twitter!

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