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Top 10 Finance Influencers In India

Influencer marketing has proven to be a profitable marketing tactic for businesses on social media platforms. Influencer marketing, previously used mainly through lifestyle industries, is now widely used by banks and other financial institutions. 

Finance influencers are much more important today since the banking, and financial sector is expected to be current. Since the millennial generation is increasingly making financial decisions, traditional marketing techniques could be more effective. Because of this, influencer marketing is steadily growing in the BFSI sector.

Young professionals and students are placing more and more emphasis on planning, investing, and conserving money. If you want to improve your investments in 2022, you can learn from India’s well-known financial influencers to make wiser financial decisions.

The top 10 Indian financial Instagram influencers are included in this post; if you want to stay current on Indian economic news, you must follow them. Along with some helpful advice, you’ll also learn how to dispel some widespread misconceptions about investing money. Before making any investments, it is a good idea to acquire relevant data from these influencers, who receive millions of views daily.

Top 10 Finance Influencers In India In 2023. Follow Them On Instagram:

  • Amit Singh
  • Ankur Warikoo
  • Anmol Sharma
  • Deepak Bajaj
  • Jay Desai
  • Jay Kapoor
  • Neha Nagar
  • Sayali Rai & Niyati Thaker
  • Sharan Hegde
  • Shreyaa Kapoor

Amit Singh

IIT Roorkee alumnus Amit Singh founded the Instagram account Unfinance to assist young investors in achieving financial security. He imparts financial literacy to his audience and motivates them to invest long-term. He started in August 2020 and has more than 515k Instagram followers.

Ankur Warikoo

Mentor, writer, entrepreneur, angel investor, and public speaker Ankur Warikoo is all these things. He was the original CEO of Nearbuy and Groupon India, which he co-founded. Do Epic Shit, his debut book was just released in 2021.

He also publishes three Hindi and English videos weekly, discussing failure, personal money, and entrepreneurship. In 2015, Warikoo began penning articles for LinkedIn; the following year, he created a YouTube channel.

On Instagram, he is also fairly active. His first concerns were entrepreneurship and personal development. But about a year ago, Warikoo discovered he had a lot of potential interest in receiving personal financial guidance.

Anmol Sharma

For his fans, Anmol Sharma, also known as Financial Literate, simplifies commerce, money, and the stock market. All you have seen or read about him thus far is just the beginning; he has much more in store for his followers and readers. He wants you to develop to the point where you are available to anyone with money to invest.

Deepak Bajaj

Deepak Bajaj’s is one Instagram account you should follow for finances. As a Master of Personal Transformation, Deepak Bajaj is known for “empowering [ing] individuals to be the best they can be.”

Deepak’s interest in success psychology and human behavior has motivated him to gather, produce, and share helpful information about how to live a successful life, including money management.

This leading figure in Indian finance is adamant that employing the appropriate language, tools, techniques, and policies may produce quick and long-lasting reforms.

Jay Desai

Young, vibrant entrepreneur and chartered accountant Jay Desai discusses money, productivity, and self-help. He releases one reel per day. Jay uses his social media posts to demonstrate his expertise and talent in the field. Most of his content is focused on Internal & External Audit, Taxation, and Chartered Accountancy.

Jay Kapoor

Gbox inventor Jay Kapoor is a 404K Instagram follower tech enthusiast. Jay is a tech and finance pro. Jay makes videos for Instagram about the newest tips, tricks, and hacks for various subjects, including stocks, investing, marketing strategies, and other trending themes.

Whether it’s long-form content like videos or short-form information like reels, his audience finds his work fascinating because it significantly enhances their life. Jay started making content in 2014, which means he has a close relationship with his fans.

Neha Nagar

Financial advisor Neha Nagar assists clients in growing their companies and promoting financial literacy through content production. Before deciding, she explored sales, marketing, accounting, modeling, and acting vocations.

Neha is an accomplished lady with her own company and posts financial data on social media. Since her only goal is to improve people’s lives via financial education, she created small movies and reels to raise awareness on social media.

Sayali Rai & Niyati Thaker

FinCocktail has the answers to all of your financial queries. The page’s leading Indian female finance influencers, Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker are the content producers. The authors offer knowledge to advance women’s financial literacy. It was developed to make money simpler for young Indians to comprehend and accept.

It seeks to serve as an example for anyone who desires control over their financial future. Additionally, they offer one-on-one consultations and seminars to clients seeking financial assistance. Because their content is based on practical formulas for forecasting returns on investments, market, and financing patterns, FinCocktail is one of the finest finance influencer accounts on Instagram that you should be following for some wise financial advice.

Sharan Hegde

Sharan Hegde, a former management consultant, now works full-time as a content writer and helps regular people make a tonne of money. Additionally, Sharan regularly invests as an angel investor in fintech and ed-tech companies.

He posts engaging personal finance content on Instagram, combining humor and cosplay with discussions of investing, money management, and the psychology of money. Observe the captions as well; they contain a wealth of information. He also writes useful postings on LinkedIn and Twitter for people who choose to read them. You’ll be amazed by Sharan’s financial prowess if you follow him on Instagram.

Shreyaa Kapoor

Finance student Shreyaa Kapoor previously worked as a consultant for Bain & Company. About a year ago, she quit her full-time position to focus on her goal of using her Instagram videos to simplify all things financially. Making wise financial decisions, investing, trading stocks, etc., are emphasized in her videos. On Instagram, she recently surpassed the 600,000-follower threshold.


However, influencer marketing for banks requires more than just a blog post boasting about how fantastic your business is. Creating great content strategies is the most efficient way to target an audience in the BFSI industry.

However, it has long been believed that the financial services sector predominantly uses traditional marketing techniques. Some consumers, nevertheless, might be shocked to hear that banks use Instagram influencer marketing more frequently than they might think. 

In recent times, Instagram influencer marketing has been seen as an essential part of BFSI’s marketing plan. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to network with influencers but need help with how to do so. We would be happy to assist you.

The importance of planning, investing, and saving money is rising among students and young professionals. If you want to improve your investments in 2022, you can learn from India’s prominent financial influencers to make wiser financial decisions. To keep up with the Indian economy, you must follow the top 10 Indian financial influencers on Instagram listed in this post. 

Not only will you receive some helpful advice, but you’ll also learn how to dispel some widespread misconceptions about financial investing. Millions of people watch these influencers daily, so acquiring relevant information is a good idea before investing.


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