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State Of Beauty Influencer Marketing Agency

One of the industries that have embraced influencer marketing the most is the beauty industry. One of the critical reasons for this is that influencer marketing (in fact, social selling) performs best in a visual medium, and beauty is evident. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you can discover most beauty influencers on Instagram. The number of beauty influencers who like uploading videos on YouTube and, to a lesser extent, TikTok will also surprise you.

In this article, we’ll examine the state of influencer marketing in the cosmetics sector.

More than 1,000 of our beauty influencers work on YouTube and Instagram.

According to a survey conducted between May and August 2022, there were active beauty influencers:

However, there was a significant amount of cross-promotion across the platforms.

Although there are fewer beauty influencers on TikTok, they often have the most followers.

As we’ve seen, TikTok has a far smaller number of beauty influencers than Instagram or YouTube. TikTok influencers, on the other hand, have the most significant average follower counts.

According to research, TikTok beauty influencers had an average of 767,651 followers compared to 431,310 on Instagram and 417,134 on YouTube.

More Beauty Followers are in the U.S. than elsewhere.

The number of followers for beauty influencers by region (although they only showed results for the U.S., UK, Canada, France, and Brazil.) It’s crucial to remember that some nations, notably China, prohibit access to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. In addition, Instagram is now banned in Russia, while TikTok is banned in India.

The average number of followers for beauty influencers in the U.S. is:

  • 539,038 on Instagram
  • 593,412 on YouTube
  • 1,556,910 on TikTok

Former President Trump would have angered many beauty influencers’ followers because he promised to outlaw TikTok in the United States.

Brazil averages subscribers for beauty influencers:

  • 396,935 Followers On Instagram
  • 434,681 subscribers on YouTube
  • 305,602 Followres on TikTok

Data reveals a very different profile from the United States, with TikTok being utilized far less often in Latin countries.

The United Kingdom’s averages followers for beauty influencers are:

  • 323,490 on Instagram
  • 323,490on YouTube
  • 559,840 on TikTok

Canada’s averages followers for beauty influencers are:

  • 419,078 on YouTube
  • 150,677 on TikTok

France averages subscribers for beauty influencers:

  • 122,570 followers on Instagram
  • 202,455 subscribers on YouTube
  • 315,942 Followers on TikTok

When you correlate these numbers with the proportion of adult internet users in different nations who follow various influencers, you can see how intriguing these numbers are. According to the July 2022 Global State of Digital Report, influencer following is the primary motivation for using social media for 41.1% of Brazilians, 21.0% of Americans, 20.0% of French, 19.5% of Canadians, and 18.3% of Britons.

TikTok is, without a doubt, the highest engagement rate for Beauty Influencers.

On TikTok, there might be fewer beauty influencers than on YouTube or Instagram. However, compared to other platforms, TikTokers have a far better interaction rate with their fans. Is this a sign of TikTok’s higher level of attention than other, more established social apps?

TikTok beauty influencers had an average engagement rate of 7.52 percent, compared to 1.87% on Instagram and a paltry 0.56% on YouTube. Is this evidence that YouTube is the new television for the younger generation, where viewers passively consume their preferred beauty “shows” and engage in less conversation?

Canada has the most engagement with beauty influencers.

As previously said, Report concentrated on social media users in the United States, UK, Canada, France, and Brazil for its research. On Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Canadians had the most significant levels of interaction. Conversely, Brazilians had the lowest engagement rates across all three platforms, which may be related to linguistic disparities.

Average Instagram interaction rates are

  • Canadians 2.3%.
  • Brazil (1.4%)
  • U.K. (1.8%)
  • France
  • U.S. (all at 2%)

Average interaction rates are on YouTube

  • 0.5% in the U.K
  • 0.4% in the U.S
  • 0.4% in Brazil

However, participation on TikTok varied greatly. For instance, the engagement rate for Canadian beauty influencers was an astounding 17%, followed by France (10%, indicating that language barriers don’t always matter on TikTok), the United States (9.1%), the United Kingdom (6.2%), and Brazil (4.1%).

The largest audience for Instagram beauty influencers is in the U.S.

It is perhaps not unexpected that over a third (32%) of followers of Instagram beauty inspirations are from the United States, given that Instagram is a US-based Meta-owned social network. The other nations mentioned in Report—are Brazil (11%), the U.K. (4%), Canada (3%), and France (3%).

Women Follow Most Beauty Influencers Instagram

The least surprising result of the research is undoubtedly this one. Only 18% of Instagram beauty influencers’ followers are men, making up 82% of their total followers.

Ages between 25 to 34 Make Up Nearly Half of Instagram Beauty Influencer Followers

The typical Facebook user has become older as the site’s popularity has increased, as has been noted for some time. Even though their children prefer something hidden from their parents’ eyes, many who created Facebook profiles in the early days of social networks still have them. It seems like Instagram is starting to see a similar trend.

It shows that Instagram is less well-liked by adolescents today than it once was (or that this demographic has yet to offer an interest in beauty). Just 7% of followers are between the ages of 35 and 54 rest age group accounts for the majority of followers.

Instagram Engagement Rates Are Highest for Beauty Micro-Influencers

Another instance where the outcomes for beauty influencers are similar to those for the general public (just slightly higher at most levels). The engagement rate on Instagram tends to decrease as the influencer’s following grows.

The trend must be more evident among beauty influencers as it is among the general public. For example, a category called Regular influencers classifies Micro-influencers as having fewer than 15K followers (sometimes referred to as Nano-influencers). Additionally, reports ranks influencers with 50–100K followers as Rising, 100–500K followers as Mid-Size, 500–1M followers as Macro, and 1–10K followers as Mega.

Male beauty influencers and older influencers had more engagement on Instagram.

The average engagement rate for micro-influencers is 2.7%; for regular influencers, it is 1.7%; for rising influencers, it is 2%; for mid-size, it is 1.6%; for Macro it is 1.8%; and for mega, it is 1.5%, according to reports’ analysis on beauty influencers.

Females comprise the majority of beauty influencers and fans, and their average interaction rate is 1.8%. Even though there are fewer male beauty influencers on Instagram, their average engagement rate is more significant (2.3%).

On Instagram, the 35-54% age range has the highest engagement rate (3.3%), compared to 25-34-year-olds (2.5%), 18-24-year-olds (2.8%), and 0-17-year-olds (2.8%), even though there aren’t many older beauty influencers and viewers there.

Brazilian male Instagram beauty influencers’ average engagement rate is 6.3%

The average engagement rate with male influencers is exceptionally high in Brazil (6.3%) and Canada (4.2%), according to the Report’s analysis of the average engagement rate across the five countries. However, not all male influencers exhibit this pattern; for example, French male beauty influencers received only 0.4% engagement, a much lower rate than any cohort of female influencers.

Except for micro-influencers, YouTube beauty influencers’ views are proportional to the number of their followers.

The fact that mega-influencers have significantly higher average views (518,560) than anybody else is the most important data regarding the moderate views of videos made by beauty influencers. But when you consider it, this is only common sense. By the Report’s definition, mega-influencers have at least 1 million followers. Therefore this number only informs us that roughly 50% of their followers view each video they post.

As the number of followers decreases, the average views per video generally decreases as well: Macro (112,260), Mid-Size (43,365), Rising (11,442), and Regular (9,414).

However, it becomes intriguing when you look at the views for beauty micro-influencers on YouTube. Keep in mind that Upfluence considers anyone with less than 15,000 followers to be a micro-influencer. But they deviate from the trend and get 88,301 views on average per video.

In other words, a typical micro-influencer gets close to six views per follower on average (assuming we consider follower counts at the high end of the range). Therefore, they would only want a few viewers to follow them and convert them into Regular Influencers who perform worse.

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