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Top 10 Beauty Influencer Agency in US

Top 10 Beauty Influencer Agency in US is a famous and influential way for companies/brands to reach their target audiences. By collaborating with social media influencers/stars with a loyal following and engaged audience, brands can drive brand awareness, increase engagement, and boost sales. 

The influencer marketing industry has increased, with numerous agencies and platforms specializing in connecting brands with influencers. 

In this context, we will look closely at three top influencer marketing agencies: Kendrick PR, The Influencer, and ApexDrop, highlighting their unique approaches and success stories in the beauty industry.


InfluencerHai is an influencer marketing agency based in India that connects brands with social media influencers to create effective campaigns. The agency offers a range of services, including influencer discovery, campaign strategy, content creation, and campaign management.

With a team of experienced professionals, InfluencerHai works with a diverse range of clients, from startups to established brands, in various industries such as fashion, beauty, and technology. The agency’s goal is to help brands leverage the power of influencer marketing to reach and engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive conversions.

The Shelf: Top Beauty Influencer Agency in the U.S.

The Shelf is a top influencer marketing agency in India specializing in full-service campaigns for beauty brands. Their proprietary SaaS platform enables them to efficiently plan, execute, manage, and optimize influencer campaigns. 

The agency’s deep understanding of cross-channel marketing has led to comprehensive influencer marketing campaigns that create multiple touchpoints for buyers throughout their journey. 

The Shelf offers a wide range of services, including strategy and planning, influencer relationships, fraud detection, and campaign optimization, and boasts an extensive network of micro to top beauty influencers. 

Utilizing advanced technology, their data-driven approach and whitelisting & retargeting strategy ensure optimal engagement and results.

Ykone: Best Beauty Influencer Agency in the US

Ykone is a top global influencer marketing agency renowned for its high-quality beauty campaigns. They prioritize authenticity, engagement, and brand fit, delivering measurable outcomes for clients like Dior and L.V.M.H. With 16 global locations, they offer full-service solutions, utilizing their data-driven approach and proprietary analytics platform, Campaign. 

Their collaboration with Armani Beauty showcased their expertise, producing 350 assets, 104 publications, 17.7M impressions, 2.7M reach, and 1.3M interactions. Ykone’s strategic approach to influencer selection and campaign execution makes them India’s best beauty influencer agency.


Stellar is a leading influencer marketing agency specializing in beauty products and companies. They offer a vast selection of hairdressing influencers and content creators, from top industry names to consumer-focused TikTokers. 

The agency’s talent roster includes hair type specialists, colorists, award-winning talent, industry experts, and creatives. Stellar assists brands, agencies, and marketing managers in finding influencers and negotiating commercial agreements. 

They prioritize impactful and narrative-driven partnerships, ensuring that brands’ objectives and budgets align with the appropriate Influencer, content creator, or thought leader. Collaborations are transparent, with clear creative briefs and directions that yield measurable results.

Get Hyped

Get Hyped is a renowned beauty influencer agency that offers customized campaigns for beauty brands, leveraging a network of top-notch influencers and advanced agency technology. They prioritize authenticity and trust, evident in their HYPE-Check agency evaluation process, which guarantees genuine content aligned with the brand. 

They excel at identifying ideal brand influencers, resulting in 250+ high-quality videos and images, over 1.2 million impressions, and 2.3k leads generated for LilyAna Naturals. Their unique approach and expertise in influencer campaigns make them a proven partner for brands, as seen in their impressive client list and results.

Agency Guacamole

Based in Los Angeles, Agency Guacamole is an award-winning influencer marketing agency for beauty and lifestyle brands. Their comprehensive services range from product launches to influencer marketing initiatives, focusing on diversity and inclusion in the industry.

They provide social media and P.R. services, influencer marketing campaigns, and event production. Their B.L.N.D. initiative aims to instigate change in the beauty and lifestyle sector. 

They offer influencer program strategy development, on-brand influencer selection, custom mailer boxes, and one-stop influencer mailer deployment. Their event team produces influential events connecting with editors, influencers, and consumers.

Influencer Matchmaker

Influencer Matchmaker is a top influencer marketing agency that connects beauty brands with renowned influencers and celebrities. Their customized strategies and campaigns help brands elevate their online presence, achieve superior results, and cultivate brand loyalty. 

They use their vast network of authentic digital content creators to pair brands with ideal influencers who share their passion and can help grow their brand. 

Their success stories include pairing Eleventh Hour Beauty with Love Island star Olivia Bowen, resulting in 2.4 million followers, 28K likes, and 311K story views. By leveraging micro and macro influencers, beauty brands can make a lasting impression on their target audience.

Kendrick PR

Kendrick PR, a top beauty-focused influencer marketing agency, provides customized influencer campaigns leveraging a network of A-list celebrities, V.I.P.s, and influencers. They offer V.I.P. and celebrity endorsements, influencer collaborations, brand alliances, and product sampling. 

Their targeted approach delivers accurate results, demonstrated through successful case studies such as their work with Oxygenetix. Kendrick PR’s creative campaign strategy for Oxygenating Foundation featured a botanical-themed influencer masterclass led by celebrity makeup artist Nathalie Eleni, generating over 70 social media posts and affiliate-sponsored partnerships. Their expertise and experience drive exposure for beauty, aesthetics, and wellness brands, resulting in powerful brand advocacy.

The Influencer

The Influencer is a top beauty influencer marketing agency in Germany that connects brands with quality beauty influencers to drive measurable results. The agency values inclusivity, partnering with Best Agers and Size Influencers, and focuses on quality content and genuine engagement over follower count. 

The Influencer prioritizes strong communication and long-term partnerships with a personal representative assigned to each client. Their successful collaboration with KISS, the world’s largest nail products supplier, generated over 500k views and sold-out displays, demonstrating their ability to drive tangible outcomes.


ApexDrop is a leading influencer marketing agency that revolutionizes the industry by focusing on micro-influencers with authentic connections to their audience. The agency’s private network of vetted ApexInfluencers™ delivers consistent, high-quality content that resonates with their audience. 

By partnering with hundreds or thousands of ApexInfluencers™, brands can achieve results surpassing expensive celebrity endorsements. ApexDrop’s approach ensures contextual, authentic marketing that drives significant brand visibility, customer loyalty, and conversion rates.

A case study with Universal Standard apparel saw 100 micro-influencers generating a 4% engagement rate and 113K total campaign engagements across 1.6 million followers.

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